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Anyone up for a ride today 8/24?

Discussion in 'Westside' started by matt e, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Have some work to take care of this morning, but then wanted to cut out for a couple three hours or so. Anyone interested? Would be nice to have someone who knows some roads out here that are fun as my knowledge is bare to non-existent.

    I'm thinking leave at 1230-1 from ??? KK Issaquah?
  2. I might be down for a ride today just sent ya PM

  3. Sent ya a PM as well. I'm itching to leave now, so maybe you bigger bikes should ride together. :) I'm gonna go putt around on my 250. :mrgreen:
  4. MichelinMan

    MichelinMan Moderator Staff Member

    I'm at work. Have fun.
  5. I'd be down for hanging with a 250 :) no shame in that. If you already head'd out, have fun 'n be safe.
  6. So here's the plan:

    Matt and I will be meeting at the 76 at MLK and Graham in Seattle @ 12:30. Then head down to Renton to hit 169 -> 410. We'll be coming through downtown Renton on 3rd Ave to Bronson Way. Where's a good place to join up with you Jeyi?
  7. See you there! I'll message both of you my number in case you need to reach me
  8. Is Starbucks @ Exit 7 a good rendezvous point? If not anywhere near Newcastle, Renton area would work for me.
  9. Can you meet us at Bronson BigFoot Java on Bronson Way N and Factory Ave N? We're gonna be further south when coming from Seattle.
  10. Hmm now that I see where Bronson is how about I meet you guys by the Renton Library? It'd be less out of the way. 8)
  11. Bigfoot Java is perfect. What time aboutish?
  12. What time are you all meeting? I might be down for a ride
  13. around 1PM @ Bronson Java place in Renton. I'll PM ya my number
  14. I don't get off of work until 6..... But if anyone wants to ride tonight I'm down:mrgreen:
  15. I'd ride with ya at 6 if I could feel any portion of my a$$ after hitting up Mt. Rainier. GL to ya finding someone. Here's a pic of the peeps that made it up there on this nice weather day.

  16. Nice meeting you 'Matt e' and 'Jeyi'! Good times today. I'm totally beat and covered in bug guts, signs of a good ride. I think my granny skills start to improve after a 70 mile warmup, haha.

    Jeyi if you ride again at 6 you are hardcore. :shock:
  17. Ahhh man I wish I coulda rode with yall today! Nice pic! Maybe next time.
  18. It was great meeting you too Trex and Matt e! Could not have asked for more for my first ride with anyone. And we even got a sick pic to show for it. As much as I'd love to believe I am hardcore (and I am!) 6 'o clock came way too soon, so I shall lay low for tonight :mrgreen:
  19. Nick, wish you could have joined us! Had a great time and it was nice meeting both of you trex and jeyi!

    We'll have to do another one soon, maybe less distance and more twisties... my ass is beat! ;)
  20. Forsure man! Just let me know and I'm down
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