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Anyone up for some Photo Tag?

Discussion in 'Central' started by MadCADder, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. I don't know if you guys have heard of this already, but it sounds kinda cool. I was looking thru Portland’s forum and they have a photo tag going on. I think it could be fun to do in and around the T.C! Don't know how many people would be into it, but they got a good size group going after it, the point is to get people out riding new areas and taking them on fun roads.
    If you haven't seen it before, the rules go as followed;

    TAG Rules

    1. You ride to the current tag photo.
    2. You photograph your bike at that location in approximately the same orientation as the original.
    3. First person to post the photo is now “it”.
    4. You have 24 hrs to ride to, photograph and submit your new photo tag.
    5. Tag location must be within reasonable distance, let’s say within a 30 min radius of the Blue Bridge. (Now if it’s just outside or close to said boundary that's fine).
    6. Another rider must then tag your photo.
    7. If your tag location was previously tagged, it will not count, on account that it would be lame to repeat photo tag spots, might be a good idea to get a few pics so you have an alternate.

    *** If you don't post your new tag photo within 24~36 hrs, the original tag is still up for grabs.

    Oh yeah, If I may before I forget... TAG! YOUR IT! :nana

  2. POW!


    ok, now what do i do? go take a new pic somewhere and someone tries to replicate it, right?

    and bonus points for the copper sv, no?

  3. You got it...:mfclap:
    Game on! Tell your friends.

    and yes... props on the SV!
  4. not sure if the point of the game is to make it easy, hard, or interesting, i'm hoping for easy and interesting, so here's my submission.


    take terrible pictures blackberry phones do
  5. Hard, easy, or interesting... I vote for all of the above!
    Toss in some fun and a little of just because and you've got yerself a game!
    We still need more people, it's not so hard. Just get on the bike and ride!

    Observatory at CBC... check! :thumbup:

  6. And now the new one...:scratchea


    have fun!
  7. tank at the cemetery on 10th and union
  8. You are supposed to take a picture not say where it is my Grumpy friend. :nana

  9. Dr. E

    Dr. E Theoretical Propagandist

    He's just playing "Go Fish - Photo Tag"...:mfclap:
  10. lol.......
  11. Google it: triton sail port of benton
  12. :secret:Thats not quite how it works see...

    :banghead: You take a picture, then people are supposed to find it.
    Just putin it out there, it's a shame cause that was a good local too!
  13. Dang it. Do I have to get a new one or what?
  14. you might have give out some hints.... i would have never of found that...
  15. i've never been that far down on gw before, so that was interesting.


    edit: did they just paint those numbers on there? or did you photoshop them out?
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  16. You must've been there just before me, some dude came out & was all,
    :scratchea"What happened to your bike, Did you get tired of all that plastic?!"
    (or some shit!)

    I just thought dude was plain crazy!:thefinge:
    but whatevs, good job phantom.
    Ball is in your court!


    Can't wait to see whats next!!!
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  17. Good call. I'd have never found this thing! What exactly is it? Part of a submarine?