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anyone wanna ride saturday 4/17

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by TamiJean, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. just got some new tires on so im ready to ride. saturday is tempting with the weather posing to be in the 70's but the threat of rain makes it iffy. anyone wanna make saturday a possibility and we can pull the plug on it if it rains?

    andrew tamura (aka tamijean)
  2. It was perfect out today.

  3. Theres a group ride that day. Have you talked to anyone about that?

    tomorrow is supposed to be real nice all day
  4. GROUP RIDE THAT DAY? Is it posted?

    Well I would be up for a ride but it is Garage day Saturday and I am changing my Oil...Will be riding to the Garage spot and back.

    Maybe Sunday for a ride
  5. i did not know about a group ride already planned. someone one fill me in so i can come ride. prolly a couple more with me.
  6. 879 8167 Would love to tag along! Who what where for group or tamijean lets let the sun shine!!
  7. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    The "Group Ride" is under the Cat Herding thread; it's by invitation.

  8. usmcgunnerm4

    usmcgunnerm4 Washington (VA)

    We have too many people as it stands. Invited everyone that PM'd me. We've had a few drop off, and a few join in. It's invite only for a reason....
  9. oh that ride! well being that i didnt pm (my fault) nor did i get an invite if that ride is full im down to open up another ride for those that follow in the categories already stated. so if you are interested lemme know so i can get a head count.
  10. Have to work later in the afternoon. Hopefully no rain.
  11. so it was a good day to ride today (friday) and looks like tomorrow will be awesome as well. headcount for anyone wanting to go on a afternoon ride?
  12. i need to find a way to get my new tires on my bike. they just showed up. showing cords so cant ride till new ones are on
  13. its gonna be a afternoon departure so if u want to come u have all morning. westside charges 25 a tire off the bike and ill even come help if you want. i just did mine yesterday. lemme know 509.251.3589
  14. ? Invite for a reason? Isn't that a given? Just curious what the reasons are...
  15. How many is to many?? Wow i have to say im a little dissapointed in how this season seems to have started!! Seems like 2 wheels is 2 wheels moto has been forgotten, not alot of riders out there showing a respectful wave!! How rude!! and as far as invites for a reason:? Well guess i dont make the A list!
  16. "Cat herding" it is to be for Noobs to PNW but I guess only Vets or more vets then Noobs are going and that is because someone is leaving soon and it is a click thing.

    Well Pink Lady I think that we should start our own "A" list it is all high school you know. I waved at you the other day!!

    But hey I am Open on Sundays for rides I am kid free that day so if anyone wants to do a Sunday let me know.
  17. i'd go ride on Sunday's Amy. I've got to coach soccer [two teams] on Saturdays for the next six weeks.

    Am i cool enough to get into the Sunday Club?
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2010
  18. 3.....2.....1......

    and here we go!
  19. usmcgunnerm4

    usmcgunnerm4 Washington (VA)

    There are some people who would show up that I have a personal problem with, either with how they ride, or just plain dislike their personality. That's just how it goes. I learned not to do public rides early on.

    It's not that you didn't make the "A" list, but rather that you didnt respond via PM in the Cat Herders thread. I don't list rides publicly.

    There were 16 people at one point, now I think we're down to 10. I normally don't like to ride in groups larger than 5 or 6. I actually had two people back out when they saw the size of the group, understandably.
  20. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    See? Different things for different people; I personally like riding with a large group.

    Anyway, if the weather is conducive, I'd be up for a ride tomorrow!

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