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Aprilia for sale at Redline Motorsports

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by n8r, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. I'm located in Wenatchee and just won an auction buy this puppy right here:

    Even though I've owned two Aprilias I wasn't aware that the 2004 RSVR Factory apparently has dash reset issues. Has anyone happened to see this bike in person? Redline says it has 750 miles, and now after finding this out I'm a bit concerned this may not be accurate mileage.

    Not trying to say they are doing anything sketchy - just curious more than anything. Bike appears to have a bunch of warning labels on it so it looks legit to me.
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  2. You should check the AF1 forum for info like this. There is more info there on subjects like this than anywhere else.

    AF1 Forum

  3. I think the bike is in very good condition - but it would be nice to know what the proper miles are. Apparently you can find out how many hours there are on the bike using an Aprilia diagnostic too which I doubt redline has. I was more just curious if anyone had seen this bike in person because pictures can only do so much.
  4. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    i could take a look at it for you monday/tuesday as ill be in the area

    the closest shop that your going to find that has the axeone is in seattle...

    maybe a long test ride?
    possibly get the vin and call micha at moto international to make sure all updates have been done also
    (swingarm, timing pickup)
  5. Don't go out of your way. The shop is closed on Monday - and I'd wager moto international is as well. Regardless of actual miles the bike would still be a good deal. I'll talk to the shop on Tuesday and we'll go from there. I think the odds of it actually having 750 is fairly slim, but judging from the photos the bike appears to be in very good condition. I'm a big fan of these bikes as I currently own a 2000 RSVR right now and had a Falco before it.
  6. Mileage is stored in the ECU and not the cluster. If/when the cluster resets, and it will for various reasons, it will reset the trip mileage, convert it back to KPH, C (temp), reset the clock, lose any stored lap times in the lap counter, reset average/top speed bla bla bla. It has happened to me many times and is more of an nuisance than anything. There are many cheat sheets you can download as I had one on the bike to help with resets but I now have it memorized, yes it has happened that much for me. The key is to make sure the battery is in top condition. If it is at all questionable get a new one, period. Another thing to consider is the less than adequate starter solenoid. They are marginal at best when new but I found one that is supposed to be better than stock. PM me if you want that info. Good find and have fun, that is one of the many bikes on my to-get list. Christmas cometh early for N8R for sure!
  7. mmmmmmmmmmmmm that's delicious!!!!!!!
  8. The dash resets are common with all the Aprilias. Apparently the mileage going to 0 is an '04 model year specific issue. Probably something to do w/ the updated display. Apparently these will literally go back to 0 - the only way you can accurately tell how many miles the bike has is to use a dealer specific tool that can tell the HOURS but not the mileage.
  9. Called the local licensing place - they say the last reported mileage was under the current mileage and there are no indications of mileage resets so it's probably all good.
  10. +1 Early 04s. Batteries and immobilizer were one concern. There's a bulletin on properly changing a battery.
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