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Arlington sniper

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Davidian, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. More NW crazys out and about for sure.

  2. That is so fucked up. I was riding up that way yesterday afternoon on Jordon and Burns Rds.
  3. Great. I am going to start posting westside car collision reports and make RIP threads too.
  4. Why couldn't he shoot at the westboro baptist church people instead? Anything else is wasting bullets.

    TRAIL BOSS Defiler of Threads

    It was pretty fucked up.

    SCSO had Jim Creek Rd shut down for hours. We were at the fire station listening to the radio traffic and got to hear the whole scenario play out. That gunman was dug in, and it took them a while to verify that he was acting alone, but once the SWAT snipers had him pinned down it was all over. Those boys have their shit together.

    We had two different aid units on scene in case things got bad, but luckily none of them or the SCSO brothers got injured.
  6. ^I immediately thought of you Kirk! Glad you guys are all good! Man this world is getting more fucked by the day!
  7. The worlds always been "fucked" ...... more so in the past then now probably......
  8. Damn straight.

    I thought of you as well. Glad that all of the response teams made it through safely.
  9. Well with the news on all day at work, all I hear is how fucked up things are getting, so it's spoon fed to me on a daily basis.
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