Asleep on a scooter? Holy Cr@p

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by barry.mccockener, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Not sure if anyone posted this but just wow. How do you fall asleep while riding?:tard: Suppose it could be a medical condition or something but that should preclude you from riding.....IMO.
    Shes actually lucky she side swipes the semi.
  2. Damn right holy shit.
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    My half sister has this condition called Narcolepsy and if she is suffering from this it would preclude you from riding (unless using drugs to counter the effect). She is lucky to say the least!
  4. She was very close to finding a permanent stop to that condition.:scared

    Never fallen a sleep on a bike....but I woke up two times in the same night while riding:shock:
  5. I heard meth works pretty good for staying awake....
  6. I was talking with an Iron Butt rider who said (with a knowing smile) that it is possible to fall asleep while riding a motorcycle. Maybe she was at the end of a 1500-mile trip on her scoot?
  7. Maybe she a lil drunky
  8. .... Or scooters are just reeeeally boring.
  9. yikes. whoaaaaaaaaah (as the broadcaster says) indeed!
  10. Used to ride with a guy who had sleep apnea, thus was chronically tired. He had fallen asleep once while riding and crashed. He then took No-Doz of some sort every time while riding after that.
  11. +1
  12. HELLO!!!!! truck didn't see you driving there, How you doing.... Well I am doing fine... sing that with Marty Robbins voice. She is lucky but I bet that left a mark.
  13. She fell asleep, yyyyyyyyeah that's it. Probably high as a kite and daydreaming about twinkies.
  14. That was a 1/4 second away from recording a blowed up human. One very lucky lady there.
  15. Mmmmmmmmm Twinkies...

    Bet her shorts were filled with Ho Hos after that.
  16. ...culling fail. :roll:
  17. Ugh...

    I've caught myself nodding off before on long rides. It can happen.
  18. udumbass: Is all I can say.
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    Is it bad that I was staring at her ass while she was on her side?

    Yeah that could have been like 100% worse. Lucky as shit.

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