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Aug 14th Taco Tuesday in Redmond/Kirkland

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Diva, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Doing a Taco Tuesday and a ride with some friends and you’re welcome to join us. Tuesday, Aug 14th, ride leaving the Redmond O’Reilly’s (17100 Redmond Way) at 6:30pm for a 2-hour twisty backroads ride, ending at the Time Out Sports Bar in Kirkland for 50¢ tacos (and they are actually quite yummy) and $2 brews. Stay late for karaoke and hear how this Diva got her nickname. ;) :clap

    Arrive gassed up and ready to go. Planning to be at Time Out around 8:30pm.

    If you can’t make the main meeting point you can meet along the route. Just let me know where. Also feel free to come just for the tacos or head out after the ride. It’s all good. :)

    Post if you can make it and see you there!
  2. I might be in for this. Will have to wait and see how work goes and if I'm able to return from eastern Washington in time.

  3. Cool, cool. Have about a half dozen sign up so far. The more the merrier!
  4. I'm in! I live 2 minutes from the starting point :D I finally can go on a group ride this summer, haven't gone on any yet.
  5. I have to check on work but I should be in.
  6. Still stuck in eastern Washington, if I do make it back I'll just have to come to the Time out. I'm going to be entirely too tired from trip back and work to do the group ride. Enjoy the ride, be safe and I hope I can at least make taco tues.
  7. I know how my ass feels after 1 hour. I can't imagine what it would feel like after 2.
  8. Out. Heading down to CycleGear to potentially pick up an order.
  9. Trust me, I feel your pain. BUT I am putting the pain aside and doing it! Going to be a good route it looks like. Ultimately, I have accepted I won't be able to feel my arse in Kirkland.
  10. Saving to quote in unrelated thread at a later date.
  11. Same thing.
  12. :mfclap:
  13. High Bridge is good now?
  14. Sorry, I ended up never making it to taco Tuesday. Didn't get back the this side of the state until 1 am. Damn it was just stupid hot in eastern Washington this week. I'm happy to be back and if you do this again i promise i will make it next time. Hope good times were had and the ride was safe.
  15. We had 10 riders, 3 from PNW the rest from Meetup: 3 sport bikes, 3cruisers, 2 large scooters, an adventure bike and my sport cruiser; 3 gals, 7 guys (4 blonds... LOL getting carried away with the breakdown-ha). Unfortunately right at the start we had an incident. Btw - Ralph's doing well, had 20 staples, but nothing broken or even fractured.

    A super huge KUDOS :mfclap: to the 2 two who went above and beyond to help (so sorry I am so horrible with names): one who took Ralph to the hospital :clap and the other who went home, got his truck to get Ralph's bike then take it back in to Seattle for him. :clap

    After that, no other incidents, well save me almost hitting a bird doing a kamikaze dive in front of me. Beautiful ride. Hadn't been in this area since May.

    Thinking about doing this again in a couple of weeks with a bit of a different route - still full of twisties though a little shorter.
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