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B-ham bike night! 8/1/12

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by Watchmaker, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. does not look like there has been a bike night for a while...and myself, I have not been lets have a bike night!!
    Place: Coconut Kenny's in Ferndale (next to Cost Cutter)
    Time: 6pm
    Date: wednesday aug.1,2012
    everyone is welcome!!
    thinking to do a post ride to C Shop in B-bay afterwards....
    always open to other options for post ride...
    so who is in?....

  3. whats the eye candy like at the Ferndale CK? :popcorn:
  4. last time I was there, it wasnt to bad.....
  5. How sweet, a bike night on my birthday :)
    I'll be on my way back from Laguna Seca:mfclap:
  6. Is there gonna' be a BBQ pit or just grab some zza' at Kenny's?

    Thinking of coming down.
  7. Well Triumph Chick, Happy B-Day 2 ya.

  8. :mfclap:

    Me too! Also out!
  9. you guys are going to miss out on the eye candy and Ice cream after crackup:

    I probably will also since I havent had lights on the DRZ in weeks :tard:
  10. I'll see if I can find my way there
  11. In:mrgreen:Amy and I will be there:shock:
  12. ...Coconut Kenny's has bbq on lots of the food, just not a true bbq pit. Bring your friends and come on down & meet up!

    I'm in, it's time we had a big bike night again!

    Somebody tell Trex600:mrgreen:
  13. Out! I just started working night again:crybaby:
  14. bump...tonights the night!:bump:
  15. Well West...... At least the ride to the C-Shop was sweet! LOL!!!!:thumblef:
    Had fun man, must do it again!
  16. And my bike started and made it home without anything falling off, so I'd call that a win.
  17. Always good sweets at the "C" shop! Good to see ya that came.
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