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Baby seat for a motorcycle?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Gamuru, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. Gamuru

    Gamuru Big Brother

    My wife just read this Yahoo! Answers post to me and thought I'd re-post it here for its LOL value:
    crackup: Don't suppose any of you know who posted this answer, do ya? :mfclap:
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  2. Wow!! At first when I read the title, I thought congratulations were going to be in order for you and your wife!! :)

  3. Gamuru

    Gamuru Big Brother

    Oh no. No baby here.

    I like the asker's response: "If I only use one saddlebag for beer I can use the other one for little Clyde."


    Well... I guess ya gotta keep the load balanced!

    That response is great...

    :mfclap: crackup: :mfclap:

    Good find.
  5. Haha!! I suppose a case of beer and a baby weigh about the same... :scratchea They're about the same size at least!
  6. Wha...??

    I cant just strap the car-seat to the passenger seat??
  7. i just let my kid sit on my gas tank on a folded blanket....
  8. I have spent alot of time working in south east asia. and its not uncommon over there to see a family of 5 all one small motorbike .. would be pretty strange here to see a motorcycle with a baby carrier on it.
  9. Shrek X

    Shrek X Mr. 500,000


    nice find!
  10. He might be able to fix the car for what saddlebags and a case of beer would cost.
  11. Do they even make helmets or gear for infants and toddlers?

    The family of 5 in Asia would likely be putting down the street at 20 mph and not on the freeway. That makes a difference.
  12. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    I hear Banjo's tun'in up!
  13. Hmmmm, I always thought that the baby went under the bungee net?
  14. I would just stuff him under my jacket..........wouldn't want him to catch cold.
  15. that's why they invented sissy-bars, after all.....
  16. Gamuru

    Gamuru Big Brother

    Here we see a creative use of space. While you may believe that the spoon position is the most compact, there is still a small cavity that a child can fit into. Please note that I recommend this method only for the most hearty of children. Motion sickness and lack of fresh air my cause weaker children to get sick on your back. And, really, who wants to stop and clean up puke out of their butt crack?

    Now, obviously this will work, but you'll need to somehow strap the child to you. I recommend using a long belt or even a bungee cord wrapped around a couple of times. Securing the load properly will prevent unexpected shifting while cornering.

    This is by far the safest method of hauling your toddler around. While at a stop or parked, it is okay to open the lid to let fresh air in, but it must be kept closed while in motion for the child's safety. I would also recommend drilling ventilation holes to help circulate air while in motion and drain holes to let rain water or other liquids out.

    Keep in mind that many states require riders to wear DOT-approved head protection, so make sure you outfit your child with a proper fitting helmet like this one.

    Ride safe. Ride like your life depended on it. 8)
  17. Everyone knows a kid rides on the gas tank.....sheeesh! :devil:

  18. RedVFR

    RedVFR Fast, Easy, and Old Fashioned

    I :ROTFLMAO: on this one and barely avoided giving the notebook screen and myself a coffee bath.....the kid is looking at the old man like, "WTF old man, I am NOT riding in here!"

  19. Skwrl

    Skwrl Ninja Master

    I dont get anyofthis. Im pro abortion.

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