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Discussion in 'Eastside' started by JustFiona, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Took a year break after my husbands moose accident last year. His bike was totalled and we sold mine. Hubby swore off streets, said we would only ride dirt. Well...... he got the itch again. We purchased a new Harley Road King. It is so nice to be back on the road again. Now I gotta save $$$ so I can get another bike.
  2. you both should sell the harley and get two matching BMW 650gs ;-) that way you can go riding together for distance and enjoy some off road as well :)

    glad you guys made it back after the hiatus
  3. Ignore the Philistine here, the RC is a great bike.

    Now to the real question, what Harley should you get.

    I'm thinking a New switchback would be a good choice for you.
  4. That's encouraging to hear that one might get over the horror of the accident. I've ridden for 30 years fearlessly and in one split second it all came to a screeching halt - I guess part of it is that the rehab is slow, and painful. I have loved the day rides, the road trips, the get aways with my pals, the tacky motels we've stayed in, the greasy hash browns that you never eat at home, the ocean and seaside resorts, the back roads where you didn't see another car for an hour or more and so on -

    Riding has been such an integral part of my life it's hard to imagine that it is no more. The SuperDuke is a total so that's out of my life or will be. The supermoto lives in my garage on the battery tender just waiting to be ridden. Time will tell how it all shakes out - for sure I/m not selling anything just yet.

  5. If you need someone to stretch the legs on the supermoto, you know I'm close :)

    Heal up .
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