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Backfire Moto

Discussion in 'Westside' started by soopahok996, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Does anyone from PNW riders go to, or has been to, one of these?

    I'm scrambling to finish my cafe project to try to make it to the next Backfire bike night.

    Also, is there anyone in the Maple Valley - Auburn - Renton area that would like to get together and ride to Ballard for the June 20th Backfire?
  2. I go to backfire moto. If you see me, come say hello and check out some cool cafe racers with me.

  3. I was talking to a guy yesterday about it and would like to go. He was saying there can be upwards of 1000 bike there....that seems like a stretch but I would like to see for myself. I am 88% in depending on work
  4. If you do a search there are a couple of posts about this...I go myself and on nice days there are tons of bikes. Good times! 8)
  5. I took the day off work to go so I am all in!

    Does any know of any other vintage or cafe bike events or get togethers? I'd love to get to check out some real life vintage bikes instead of just on BikeEXIF or Return of the Cafe Racers websites. It seems everyone I know and ride with has modern bikes.
  6. Is it going on this week?
  7. every 3rd the 20th right?
  8. Third Wednesday of every month, so its the 20th this month.
  9. Thank You Capt. Obvisous! crackup:
  10. I'll be heading down for sure.
    1000's of bikes is a stretch....but 100's fer sure.
    I usually leave Renton about 4ish.
    Very few bikes are there before 4.
    Should be on my cafe Beemer for this one. (It'll be her 1st Backfire):mrgreen:
    If you wanna ride down together send me a PM.

    There is a newer bike-night that I haven't been to yet called Capitol Hill Climb. First Wednesday of the Month @ Moe Bar.
    If you go, post up. Let me know how it was.
  11. Just go and don't be shy....Lots of rat bikes, and associated clubs, just ask guys/gals.

    If the weather is great, you see a lot of bikes, not 1000's, but a lot....

    Stay for the moped burn out competition... :mfclap:
  12. Always seem to go down the night before a trackday. If you see a taped up all black R6, that'll be me!
  13. Hey look at that, I've been promoted from Lt Oblivious to Capt Obvious!

    Thanks for the feedback, let's hope mother nature complies.
  14. 1st Wednesday of each month on cap hill...

    First Wednesday of the Month @ Moe Bar
    $2 Rainiers

    Motorcycles aren’t just machines, they’re symbols of freedom. Freedom to do what we want. The culture that grows from the love of this freedom comes in every shape and form. From period authentic restorations and classic 60′s choppers to cafe-racers and modern bikes the Seattle motorcycle scene houses every genre and expression of this labor of love. Come help us celebrate pacific northwest motorcycle culture the first Wednesday of every month at the Capitol Hill Climb. Capture the moment with us as we display some amazing bikes, swap awestriking stories and wash it all down with $2 Rainiers.

    Seattle Capitol Hill Climb 2012.

  15. This used to be EPIC, but I haven't been down there (the Seattle one) but twice last year... and it was rather slow, turn-out-wise. Showed up a tad late once, and they were rolling up the sidewalk. As in, shutting down. Not... oh, crap, never mind, you mean what I know.

    BUT: A damn worthy club!!!!

    Seattle VME meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month at Bogart's Tavern, 3924 Airport Way, Seattle at 7 pm. (not far from Smarty Pants)

    VME South Sound meetings are held on the third Thursday at Mona Italian Restaurant, 6104 6th Ave in Tacoma, 7pm. (love those mona's!)

    VME North Sound meetings are held on the third Saturday at Firewheel Books and Beans, 2820 Oakes Ave., Everett at 10:30 a.m. (can't see to read for all the tooting going on, it's blinding!)

  16. Trying to get my BSA finished, but I doubt it will be by the next one. Probably the July one.
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  17. Well, i got the old CB running for the first time in a year. Started the second push of the button! Sounded great and warmed right up until the seal on the oil filter gave out and it barfed oil all over the place. And the fuel valve has a slow weeping leak. No luck for me.

    Still scrambling, still hoping to make it.
  18. I've been to a few of there before and since the weather is forecasted to be nice I plan to go and might do little ride beforehand.

    Don't have a cafe racer but go to see some real cool looking bike, see and be seen. See you there.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2012
  19. I try to go any time it's nice out, don't really have a café racer either but the ones I have seem to fit in.:scratchea
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