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Bad deal for '01 DRZ 400?

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by Murdercycle, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. So ive been looking for a supermoto'd drz400, xr650r or ktm690 for a while.
    and i found this one on craigslist, that is really clean.
    Has everything i want:

    320mm/sslines/4pot brake
    Excel rims
    Leo vince pipe
    sliders/ handguards/ carbon skidplate
    sm re-valved suspension.
    Radiator Guards

    But he wants $3800 for it? bad deal if i buy it at that price? He said hed meet with me half way between Seattle if i paid full for it. Thats worth $100 to me.
    Am i silly to pay that much for an '01? (not like an '09drz is different, except re-sale is lower) and wait for a better deal or should i be happy that its got everything id throw on it?)


    Advice please guys!
  2. No... to much for 01 and it's a converted "S" as it doesn't have the usd forks and has the old style swing arm. 2000 is about right ;) it's 11 years old ;)

  3. 3800?! Is it made of gold? Unless it comes with a full dirt setup, all the stock parts and $1000 cash back. Keep looking.
  4. I've been looking for the same bikes you have. People are out of their minds, I just sold my super nice 06 sv with low miles for about $3K, there is no way I will shell out more for a clapped out dirtbike. If you go drz, try and get the sm model with the inverted forks, otherwise go S if its in good shape and $2500 or less IMO.
  5. With the new WA law allowing more dirtbikes to be converted to street legal the prices on DRZs should drop. IMHO.
  6. edit: its an '02, not that makes a diff.
    So, wouldn't re-worked conventional forks be better than usd's on the newer bikes? Also whats wrong with the old swingarm/ tell me why a newer bike would be better?

    The way i see it, is i havent found a newer drz with as much of the farkles as this has for less...And other than the swing arm and forks, nothing else is improved. and it has better brakes, low miles, nicer rims, sliders and fcr...

    I am frustrated by how expensive all the sm's are. But to convert another bike im looking at like $1500-$2000 ontop of the bike.

    so, should i wait till i find an drz400sm with all the farkle upgrades?

    Otherwise im going to end up shelling out an extra grand for all the stuff i want ontop of the bike for a bike that will just have usd forks and newer swingarm?

    just playing a bit of devils advocate here to get more info.

    Maybe i should just convert an xr650r....
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  7. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Sounds to me like you've already made up your mind and don't like the advice that's been given.

  8. Not at all, im really tempted in getting a new like '09 450 xc-w with a plate for the same price....

    Just curious to hear a lil more details as to why you think its not worth it even close to that. I was just playing devils advocate to give some concrete details to address.

    Thanks for the advice though everyone, i thinking against it if you dont think its worth close to that.
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  9. it looks clean or so, but for that price----too high for 10 years old bike.
  10. Buy the DRZ, then tell me where to snag the XC-W please......

  11. It has no speedo. He claims 2500 miles. I've seen this on CL for awhile. Its not selling for a reason.
  12. S swing arm


    SM swing arm

  13. The conventional vs inverted fork argument is pretty simple. According to my mechanic and suspension tech buddies, the conventional fork was proved to be more effective back in the day, however once the manufacturers started to make the switch to inverted, they stopped putting r&d money into conventional forks. Due to this, inverted forks got more and more technology while conventional got left in the dust. Good things about the conventional fork is that they are simpler to work on and cheaper, beyond that inverted are the way to go now days. You can make conventional forks work well with fork braces, stiffer springs, emulators etc...but why when you can just buy a sm. Plus the inverted forks are anodized and will get you more chicks...bling adds horsepower too.
  14. Ya, i see what you mean about over priced, he said the lowest hed go is 3600.
    The sm above though i would probably want to buy a ton of stuff for it...just saying, tires alone are $300 for more street orientated rubber, then i need a skid plate because my driveway has fist sized rocks...and radiator gaurds...and hand guards because i drop it a lot in the gravel, then id want an fcr and a ss brake line...So im basically looking for a drz400sm that is farkled the way this bike is for the same price...

    honestly im debating now between a street legal 450exc ktm that i can throw my sumo stuff on and a drz. Only contest there is how much il spend in maintenance over the course of riding the ktm on the road....But i know the rfs motor pretty well, and love dat pull :mfclap:
  15. Picky picky :nana
  16. There is no comparison there. I have owned a S and a SM and threw way too much money at them. They will never be a plated KTM. Unless you are planning on a ton of miles I don't think the maintenance issue is as bad as most people think. The difference in fun more than makes up for it.
  17. Well, i think im now after an RFS 450exc. I told the guy i wasnt interested
    i dont think il regret it too much.

    il throw an oil cooler on the KTM and some high gearing along with a cush drive. I love my 450smr and it will be A LOT of fun to have something similar for the street. plus if i had dirt wheels i may get rid of my dirtbitch (200exc) this summer, dont let her hear that though, she may kill me riding her this weekend.

    God, i have such an orange crush....

    but the exc is lighter, 6 speed and with the increase in oil capacity, it should be just as reliable. The difference in fuel and maint costs is about $300 every 5000mi. not that bad for the extra funsies!
  18. That's definitely high, I've tossed around selling my '07 and would probably ask $3,500 probably $4,000 if I hadn't put 7k on it in a year. :tard:

    I'd hold out, you'll find one better....probably for less.
    I paid a bit more than that for mine with less than 2k on it.....
    Good luck with your search, just make sure you find one...that's the main thing
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