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Bad gas? Bike won't start ~ help!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Whitefire, Sep 13, 2012.


  1. Stop being like 2 Dizzy ~ self diagnosing & being incompetent will only screw the bike up more.

  2. Dump out bad gas & put fresh in. I'm a genius for thinking of it on my own.

  3. Raffle off the bike ~ I'm a disgrace to the motorcycling community.

  4. Move to Oregon & have others always pump my gas for me.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. The other day my daughter & I woke up earlier than usual to go on a ride with a few other riders. We were going to do breakfast & coffee before the ride. Geared in full leathers & my daughter also fully geared w/ a Yoda backpack; we set off. Not fully awake, cold, hungry, & thinking about the day ahead = not a good way to start a ride. Bike was almost bone dry so I had to gas up before hitting the hwy. Mid corner of the cloverleaf on-ramp (LOVE those btw), my bike starts to sputter & comes to a complete stop. WTF ~ I've never had issues with my bike before. Ensuing visions of my bike becoming a 2 Dizzy twin popped into my head. I break out the tool kit & took the tank off checking to see if there were any loose connection thingies under the tank area.

    Daughter: Do you always put diesel in the bike?
    Me: What? I always put 92 in her.
    Daughter: Isn't the green handle diesel? You grabbed the green one mom.
    Me: What are you talking about? I put in 92.

    1: How can I tell if I put diesel in the bike?
    B: Can I just dump out / siphon the bad gas & put in fresh gas or have I already screwed my bike up?
    3: Should I get a man in my life who can take care of these things for me?
    $: Am I an idiot who should stop touching my bike & leave it to a professional? Who do you recommend?
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  2. taste it. if it tastes like chocolate you are fucked. if it doesnt taste like chocolate, you should put some chocolate in it.
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  3. dump it out .. and put in new .. crank a few times and you will be ok .. i did that back in the day to my old farm bike lol .. it was a learning experiance lol also the smell of diesel is different than gas ... .. also if your near vancouver and need a place to store the diesel .... my ford excursion has a tank that would love to hole it for you :) lol
  4. :scratchea Are you serious or messing with me ~ chocolate? I've already had an apparent blonde moment, don't go reinforcing it. If it doesn't taste like chocolate why would I add some, therefore, as you said, fucking myself?!

    :secret: I don't really like chocolate.
  5. Dump the old gas out and put new stuff you KNOW is the right stuff. It's a ~10 dollar fix that is simple to try.
  6. Diesel doesn't smell like chocolate but it does smell differently. You may not be able to tell useless you have a sample of gas for comparative purposes. But I don't think you need to do too much second guessing since kids are sharp as hell and your bike is not running. Which it won't if it is full of diesel.

    Dump all the fuel you can including down stream of your pump. Remove and clean the plugs and try to flush it through if you can get it running. Dont run your battery completely flat trying to start it though or you risk fooking it too. Repeated plug cleaning maybe needed. As a matter of course I would also change your oil once she is back up and running. Best of luck to you.

    Ps. A number of studies have been conducted to find driving or riding tired is as bad for reaction times, judgement and attentitiveness as drinking. Please be late and safe!
  7. Damn. I feel special. I got mentioned by name. ROFL.

    Sorry about the bad luck with the bike. Hopefully you get it worked out.
  8. Diesel (not gas) wont hurt anything. As in It wont damage it. I use it for a cleaning solvent.

    I made the same mistake with my lawn mower. I had two red fuel (gas) cans, one for the mower and one for diesel (not gas), oops. mower no run.

    So, dump the diesel (not gas) in a jug/can and save it to clean yucky stuff. Drain the carb bowels if you can get to them (Have no idea what bike or what city you live in, by the way).
    Pull the plugs if you can and get some fresh fuel/gas/petrol/go go juice.

    Keep the battery charged and get it to run. It might take a while for it to start and will probably smoke a bit but that will go away after a few minutes.

    If you can completely drain the (gas) tank, lines (gas) and bowls? It should start right after everything fills with (gas) fuel.


    P.S, diesel (not gas) is very oily and doesn't evaporate very fast.
    You should be able to tell the difference in the smell. Almost everyone can tell when they smell gas. Open the cap on your car to compare.
    One more thing, diesel (not gas) is harder to light.(you could) Take a paper towel, get it wet with the (not gas) stuff and put a few drops on the concrete and try to light it (not the paper). It wont catch fire very easily.
    It burns slowly too. You could put cigarettes out in diesel (not gas) and it wont light, gas will most likely blow up/catch fire if it's warm out.

    I live on one side of the tracks too. I guess we all do.
    Other wise I offer to give a hand.

    P.P.S. just kidding with all the "(not gas)" crap.:mrgreen:
  9. One more thing.

    All the Poll answers are a "yes", I can't chose.:scratchea
    I guess I have to pick #2 because it mostly applies.
    All the rest are good options. Not so much on #4 though.
  10. Doesn't sound like bad gas, sounds like good diesel.
  11. I voted for the second option. However, I was very hard pressed NOT to vote for the 3rd and 4th also :nana

    Otherwise, +1 to what Andy and nsrg500 said.

    Oh and tell Em to next time speak up if she thinks something's amiss. She's obviously a bright and observant young lady. She shouldn't feel that it's not her place to question Mom. My daughter points out my (rare) screw-ups and I always thank her when she does. It helps reinforce her developing self-confidence :mrgreen:
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  12. :mfclap:
    Amen to that brother!
  13. Avoid the Shell in Marblemount This last Monkeybutt friend Greg said it was bad
    I ignored him.At Washington pass on the way over my bike barely started
    Same thing at the Red barn leaving. Fresh gas in Winthrop all was goodcrackup:
  14. Mic

    Mic Retired

    I LOL'ed
  15. I would drain the fuel and replace the fuel filter if you have one, clean the plugs and replace with known good fuel.
    Charging the battery wile this is done.

    If you need a hand give me a call.
  16. Maybe move to Oregon? Just a thought...
  17. Agree..drain the gas tank..take out the plugs and clean the bike dry to drain the fuel from the lines....wash out fuel filter and replace it if possible...Then put the plugs back and and the highest octane fuel you can get and fire it up..let it idle for a while.
  18. +1
  19. Gotama

    Gotama WMRRA 1st VP

    green means go
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