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Bad Rider, Female, Richland, WA

Discussion in 'Central' started by UhOh, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Driving my car at rush hour Monday 8-13, (yeah, know it's not a long Seattle-like rush hour) saw a female Suzuki V-Strom rider ahead,
    so I got behind her in left (fast) lane - something I occasionally do to 'protect fellow riders' since I know how we ride, etc., etc.
    G W Way, northbound, 5:05PM, Monday.

    Wow, observing her, a change of heart, DING!: she's the problem!
    So, bottom line:

    Does anybody know her(?) - if so, you need to ride with her and show her how to ride as though there are other vehicles on the road.
    I would guess she's an oblivious rider who thinks highly of herself (extrapolation, yes).
    She keeps up with traffic, has long curly brunette hair, not over-weight, rides a V-Strom.
    If she keeps doing what I saw: multiple rapid lane changes, cutting in and out traffic, giving insufficient space, failing to signal,
    causing traffic to brake / then change lanes because of her actions - well, she's going to initiate road rage, and it'll be her fault.
    Was just all over both lanes disrupting traffic during the peak traffic (I want to get home now) flow period.

    Know her? Then ride with her; or bring her to a rider function so she can expand her contacts, whatever.
    If this rings a recognition bell ... act.
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  2. Isn't that how you're supposed to ride?

    Oh I see the problem. There were no wheelies.

  3. Relax. Let her ride however she wants.
  4. You can't just let her ride however she wants, it's this type of behavior that gives motorcyclists a bad name in the first place. What she was doing doesn't necessarily sound that bad but there is something to be said about teaching her and sharing experiences. That is after all why we are here right?
  5. Sounds like a woman, just on a motorcycle.
    Stop protecting fellow riders. You are probably following too close when you do that.
  6. wow the trollers are out in force! guess your not supposed to look out and help riders, according to the trolls.....although i DO relate the the woman driver thread....:shock:
  7. You wanna fight, punk?
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  8. dude.. who gives a fuck what your opinion of a complete stranger is, and Why would she give a fuck what you think?

    You sound like a self-appointed motorcycle instructing angel.

    Maybe you should find a hobby that doesn't involve you telling other peeps what to do?
  9. Oh man. I'm torn on this one. Yes its bad she rides like a dummy, and I wish her to be safe. But at the same time, to each there own. Some people only learn the hard way. And as far as giving us a bad name, there is just too many morons on bikes riding like asshats that having one less asshat isn't going to make a difference. If we want to have good names for our selves, we ALL have to stop the asshattery at the same time..... But what fun would that be?
  10. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Isnt it a hoot that the ONLY people complaining are from the west of us?crackup:
    UhOh is worried about her turning herself into Road Sushi. Taking others out with her. Raising OUR insurance rates. Attracting Leo. Giving ALL motorcyclists over here a bad name.
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  11. Wow you really didn't pull any punches with that one did you. Meany.
  12. If you took away all the threads about riders calling out strangers for wearing shorts, doing wheelies, changing lanes quickly, having helmet mowhawks, etc etc etc

    there would be nothing left on this board. I'm so sick of fucktards calling out strangers..

    so I'll do the reverse call out... QUIT FUCKING BITCHING about other people, how they ride, what they wear.

    Go ride your bike..

  13. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Take your own advise
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  14. God I LOVE this place!
  15. LOL. Friendliest place on the interwebz
  16. Add to that people who think anytime a rider self-selects themselves out of the gene pool it must've been someone else's fault. I agree with you about the bitching about inconsequential things, but this is a legit post IMHO.

    And helmet mohawks deserve to be made fun of.
  17. there was this rider :stir: north of seattle either a TL or a SMC, dont recall but MAN...........:eek:hhthedr:
  18. Its ok UhOh, I'll keep a eye out for her, I live in Richland myself. Don't worry about the folks that lack reading comprehension that don't seem to know what "Central" or "Tri-Cities" means. Over on the moldy side theres so many folks they probably assume that no one knows her, where as over here its possible a few of us know her. Either way, hopefully she shows up at a coffee.

  19. Dr. E

    Dr. E Theoretical Propagandist

    Warning...massive cold front approaches PNW, winter driving advisories are in place, extreme caution should be used, stay indoors if possible.

    We are still in the triple digits and it already feels like winter around here.:scratchea
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  20. LOUD NOISES :rant


    this one time i was riding I-5 North and jumped behind a girl on a bike but she was riding more agressive than I was, swinging her feet, cutting off traffic, I kept up for a while then realized what I was doing. I caught up one more time to get a good look at her ass (she was wearing shorts), then backed off.
    To this day I think it was Chrisnee1, it was just past Tukwila heading towards Boeing Field.

    True Story.

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