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Bandidos Motorcycle Club

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by dizzle, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    I've seen quite a few of these guys riding around the lynnwood area lately .. Just dudes on harley's with a bandido's vest .. like the RR vest.

    What's the story on these guys? I've come in contact with them a few times and each time has been either 1 of 2 things.

    1) they're super nice and get along because i like to ride too.


    2) they're complete dicks and want to beat my ass and/or cause trouble.

    When i did a google search on them, wikipedia gives a semi description of them.

    so, why don't cops target these guys more? I mean, they're internationally known for being linked with organized crime supposedly, but yet more likely, if a cop see a bandido, and a sportbike racing down the freeway, the cop will pull the sportbike over first probably even though the bandido's could possibly have warrants for him/her?

    i'm not bashing on them by any means, i've met some nice ones in the past, just wanna know more info on them i guess.

  2. I dont have any info for you, but this sounds more like speculation and profiling to me, based on your opinion. There are sportbike riders out there with warrants that break the law too. Thats like saying if you see a black guy and white buy racing, and he pulled over the white guy, wouldnt it make more sense to pull over the black guy based on stereotypes and profiling. :roll:
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  3. I had a member who worked for me for a while, super nice guy. Having said that, he worked for me. LOL! From what I heard through him and others, not a group you want to spend to much time around.
  4. Kolat

    Kolat emw2k9 beer pong champions

    I'm guessing #1 is before you drank all their alcohol and #2 is after...

  5. Shrek X

    Shrek X Mr. 500,000

    I thought thats how most people reacted to you...

    its numbers, there are very few of them, many many more dressed like power rangers acting like they are fast. and if your saying the cops should pulls someone over because they might be a bad guy instead of someone actually breaking the law?... I really hope you can figure out the problems with that yourself.

    the banditos operate under the radar, you dont see them doing wheelies next to the 48yo mom with a van full of kids. they keep quiet, so there is no problem.
  6. They were targeted a couple of years back here in Wa by the cops for, I think, drug trafficking. A bunch of their people went to jail...
  7. dane has never drank (all of) my alcohol
  8. crackup:
    I have seen him drink, I doubt he drinks ALL of anyones alcohol! crackup:
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  9. Believe me, they do.... I was pulled over in my Ex's car for not using a blinker or something stupid... (She had a Bandido's sticker in the rear window...) Well, the officer took one look at my license and his hand went to his gun..

    "Step out of the car please..."

    I get out of the truck

    "So your endorsed?"

    Yes sir

    "Are you a member of the bandido's?"

    No... Who are the Bandido's?

    "You have a club sticker in your window, so I am going to ask you again, are you a member of the bandido's?"

    No, sir I do not know what that is.. This is not my car.. My friend*Insert name here* is letting em use it for the day...

    "So when I check your license there will not be any warrants or anything?"

    No sir...

    "So what kind of bike do you ride?"

    A Honda CBR600...

    "Is that a cruiser?"

    No sir, its a sportbike..

    "Ok well let me go run this and make sure that you are telling me the truth son.. Are you sure there is nothing you want me to know."

    Yes sir.. I honestly do not know what the Bandido's are...

    "Wait here.."

    10 minutes later he comes back..

    "Ok you can go, everything checks out.. Get that sticker off your car...."


    What the hell just happened!!! I called my Ex and she explained that it was her "Security system" censored: Lol..

    They do get profiled...
  10. And for the record.. The guys in the club that I have met since then are usually pretty good guys... Just don't get on their bad side.
  11. Yes they do get profiled, my {employee/friend} was late to work more than once because of his colors. And did not make it at all atleast once. No CCL.
  12. +1
  13. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    it's not illegal if you don't get caught i guess.

    i'd pull them both over. but thanks for putting it into that perspective.
  14. Stay clear of these guys. Have you heard of the hells angels. Well same thing. If you want to start a "patch vested club" you have to go to them mafia style and ask their permission first or................greenchai: they are some serious bad asses and they won't hesitate to stomp you if they don't like you.
  15. Yeah that's just what I think Dane was looking to do! crackup:
  16. i grew up in a biker house hold by a single father. my dad still rides with his club and wears his colors even though he is retired from the MC. u will find most of them are decent ppl that just want to belong to a group even though the group has a bad name makes it "cooler" for them too belong. u will find that if u talk to them one on one they are very cool cats but when there in a group they have something too prove. u just cant act like a asshat around them and u will be fine:evil4:
    with that being said i get a ton of shit from pops for riding a sport bike not made in the U.S. i think being profiled weather im wearing colors from a HD club or just riding my sport bike is still wrong.
  17. Do they speak english? Or spanish?
    Do they eat at mcdonalds? Or taco bell? that's what I want to know :evil4:
  18. Yeah, and let's pull Black people over because everyone knows they're all Gang Bangers.........

    Or maybe Mexicans, because they're all Illegal Immigrants..

    Or watch the Cops because they all shoot Bikers in Sturgis...

    Take each person for themselves like anyone else and stop the 60's biker movie profiling.. :mrgreen:

    And don't go to the Oyster Run Sept 28th in Anacortes because Limp Lee/ Bandidos M/C puts it on..

    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008
  19. Treat anyone with disrespect and get your head split- from a LEO to a street thug.

    If you bring your prejudice with you chances are you'll need stitches...:x
  20. They are people like you and I treat them same way you want to be treated. Most of them businessmen and professionals, don't look at the jacket thats and alter ego. Don't be surprise if they are your boss at work either.
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