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BBQ in Yakima

Discussion in 'Yakima' started by james1300, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Ninja05Girl636 has invited us to Yakima to a BBQ and party!
    Yakima Weekend/BBQ Ride Announcment!

    Centrals invited! Ninja05Girl636 has extended her invatation to us. (Brave woman, isnt she)?
    Remember that IDEA I had several threads ago about riding to Yakima and spending the weekend there and chill'n at my dads to have a big BBQ w/the 5 dogs and pond and bon fire!?

    Well I'm proud to announce the official date! I finally was able to get time off work and we're doing this....

    Friday JULY 21st - 23rd
    Check her posting!
  2. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Bump for the BBQ!

  3. KneeDragGirl

    KneeDragGirl Super Duchess

    Would love to come.....but....I am going to this event called Moto GP. Ever heard of it!??!
  4. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Duh? Well yeah, on Speedvision! Go ahead and rub-it-in!
    Ill have to settle for a weekend BBQ/ Party with Ninja05Girl636
    Who's Zoomin Who? Lol!
  5. :mrgreen: I thought everyone was going to the GP!! Sorry James, have fun. We'll be thinking of you.
    Laguna here we come, And Go Capirex!!! Scott.:mrgreen:
  6. crackup:
  7. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Keep it up, and YOUR buyin coffie Saturday morning before our ride!crackup: :scared
  8. wow july 21- 23 long time from now...
  9. I think I could make that too, close for me
  10. That's great! I know it's quite a ways away but there is alot of us from the Westside who going to stay the night at my dads because we live so far from Yakima... So it's going to be a weekend event, you are all more than welcomed to stay the night as well... but if you're staying the night or just arriving for the BBQ there are cover charges. LOL Check out my thread it's called

    Yakima Weekend/BBQ Ride

    Take care everyone!!

    Drod7733 Cool avatar and Sunnyside gives me warm fuzzy feeling memories... thats where I threw a rod on my old bike last year... barely made the exit by the movie theatre there. LOL
  11. Well if you guys are coming over White Pass or Chinook pass we can probably meet you some where on the pass....:mrgreen:
  12. :rant :rant :thefinge: :thefinge:
  13. Is this, this year? Can I come too??? Hey Ninja Im from Yakima too if you ever wanna ride.
  14. LOL I lived in Yakima for 14 yrs... but the last 6 months i've been living in kent... but whenever I visit my dad I'll call you so we can hang and burn up some road together! how old are you? and yes you may come to the BBQ lol
  15. Im 30. I added you to Yahoo messenger. Hopefully Ill see ya on and we can chat it up. Im lookin into buyin my wife a bike this seasone too maybe.

  16. Hiya John! I love this bike forum, actually has east siders.
  17. Awesome.... what kind of bike are you looking to get her into... me being the Kawi girl that I am... and test riding one.. the new 650R would be wonderful, low seat height, sporty, enough umph to it so you wont throw a rod near sunnyside on your way home from a trip in the tri-cities.....

    hi smoke'n joe.. like your avatar... you coming to the BBQ or at least to hang? Richland is pretty nice too.. took my MSF class there and worked a few days at Ted Brown Music when they were short handed.
  18. Will probably buy her a suzuki. What up Joe Joe. Any mor etickits since the one we all got? what was it 84+ in a 45? LOL Im good freinds with that judge now. And the sheriff that wrote us. Fucker. I give him shit abotu that everyday at work.
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