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Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by cruiserchick, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Hey everybody!!! BBQ and riding season is here. Would like to put the two together on friday the 27th of this month. Go for a ride and end at mine and (sv) robs house for BBQ. Not 100% on a good ride to start the day other than running up Mt. Baker. Who's all in, once for sure people are in will set route.

    vtr2: Carolyn
  2. where is maple falls?

  3. Oh shit. This made it to open discussion. I Think you'll have a decent turnout!'s like announcing you're having a get together on FB! I'm in, BTW
  4. in peacefull valley near mt. baker
  5. K everyone thought of a route... Meet at cook road starbucks go down chuckanut and around lake samish to alger and go around lake whatcom, then go down 9 to mt baker hwy then to my house. Hope that sounds good if not just let me know and we can make a different route.
  6. ride canceled for now. maybe bbq at later date
  7. I want BBQ and cold beer :mrgreen:
  8. Maple Falls?

  9. I'll BBQ for ya! :mrgreen:
  10. Let me know Sir........We will come out for a visit and some SV Rob BBQ
    I will bring some cold beer:mrgreen: