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Beginner Ride?

Discussion in 'Central' started by notthatkindofdoctor, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Hi! This is Craig, I ride a red 2005 Vstrom 650. I was on the Wheels and Wings and Hermiston breakfast rides so far. I'm looking to have a ride along some more interesting roads. Anyone in? I know it's late in the season but I hope it's warm enough to do something this weekend.
    Any ideas? Open to suggestions.
  2. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Next two weekends are booked for me. 'Bikers with Box's' charity ride and 'Toy's for Tot's' the following weekend. Then I'm available. What about weekdays?

  3. Okay. I'll just find a few things on my own if that's how it works out. No biggie. Weekdays are somewhat harder but I can take a half day now and then.
  4. I can ride Sat or Sun if the weather allows. I can show u some fun roads and ride whatever pace u like PM me

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  5. Notice that the wknd low temps for Ukiah are predicted ~20F, so if you do the
    Ukiah / Heppner road I mentioned to you (it goes higher still) watch for frost in the shade.
  6. the plan I had for a ride was 207 to sandhollow rd. to heppner then 74 to interstates 84 to home...

    that keeps a little lower....

  7. Seems like a good route to me. Can't wait to find out about the weather.
  8. Dan, you know this but here's chance to let others know --->

    Main food places seem to close in Heppner for wknd. :scratchea

    across from gas station is a white cafe, always seems closed.
    But left of it is a gift store / coffee shop that did a very good job
    on brunch sandwiches, grilled, for a Saturday group I was riding with.
    Everyone liked it. Very small. ~8 seats.

    If clearly lunch or later, the nice atmosphere pub is open w/ average or better food.
    On main drag more or less across from post office. Name ?; only one though.

    During weekdays, the antique store on same side as gas station - one block toward town,
    has a fun cafe, ice cream shop. Hidden. A favorite. ~20 seats.
    But on Sat, the cook is off and they only have homemade pastries, ice cream...
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