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Best Burger in Idaho

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Mic, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Mic

    Mic Retired

    I don't expect anyone who actually lives in Idaho to post in this thread, because as we all know, people from Idaho don't have power, flushing toilets, or internet.

    However, for the rest of us that live in the civilized world who have traveled to this mysterious land, post up where you get your favorite burger!
  2. they don't have burgers in ID either.

    however, if they did it would be hard to beat a helmer burger.

    (they almost don't have flushing toilets in helmer)

  3. Trudies in Idaho City is a heart attack on a bun. I am not going to say it is "good" but it is on one of the best routes in the state IMHO.

    Leave Boise at like 9am, get to trudies at 1030 - 1100 depending on traffic in town. Eat a burger. Spend the next 2 hours working it off on some amazing asphalt.
  4. Big Judds in Boise. I used to eat there all the time when I lived down there. It was even on Man vs. Food.
  5. Wrangler in Jerome has great burgers and fries. Also if you go to the livestock sales that have a resteraunt in them, those burgers are GREAT!
  6. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    There's a pub in Moscow, ID that me and a buddy went to while I was visiting in Pullman. Dunno the name. The beer kinda sucked, but the shroom burger was excellent.
  7. you kidding me? HUDSONS - mom and pop shop... been here before CDA was developed

    good ol' fashioned meaty burger with pickles... mmmm baby...

    incidently 'MIC' you need to PM me... ASAP ASSHAT! lol
  8. Dunno about the best, but Effies in Lewiston, has pretty damn good burgers, just bring your appetite or your crew cause they're huge. Cruisers at Stateline has pretty decent burgers.

    The Pritchard Saloon has damn good food, also a fun route to and from.
  9. Hudsons is to Cd'A what Dicks is to Seattle. Get the pie, too.

    You might think he's kidding, but it isn't far off. Calling Helmer a town is kinda like calling a small convience store "Wal-mart"...but the burgers are hand-made fresh with just chopped veggies and served to you with a side of smartass.

    +1 on the "Huge" part, but the, not the best, and not all that big anymore.
  10. CDA's USED to be TOPPER TOO bu-ut after they retired.. there really hasn't beena GREAT place... Although I did forget one place... Used to be SCHOONERS now called??? it's named after a football player? SRWITT?
  11. Nosworthys Hall of Fame on Govt Way, in Couer d Alene. They have good burgers and food too.
  12. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    Effies in Lewiston was the one that came to mind first..
  13. I'm so glad Hudson's Hamburgers in C'dAlene is still there! It's the best burger I've ever had the pleasure of consuming, fer shure! :mfclap: Anyone remember the John Bellusi (sp?) spoof- "No, Coke..PEPSI!"-the diner JUST like Hudson's. I swear they took it right off the street of C'd Alene at Hudson's!
  14. that place has some f'n huge burgers!

    How long's it been since anyone has been to CHEF in the forest? I had stuffed portobello burger that was unbelievable there! savory buttery melt in your mouth creamy sauce that made you wish there were room in your stomach to put more burger! OMG what a fanciful thing to have...
    it's like having a biscuits and gravy upscale dining experience... just perfect!
    And yes the place is still family owned...
  15. You guys aren't even close! The Black and Blue Burger at The Brownstone Pub in Idaho Falls. Excellent fuckin micros too! :thumbup:
  16. a pub in IF?

    there's no alcohol in Idaho east of Twin.

    you obviously don't know what you are talking about, so your opinion is invalid.

  17. You obviously haven't been there so you are uninformed. Besides, Twin is full of nothing but tweakers and beaners. Who would want ot go there?
  18. I've been to I.F. a few times. Not much...but I went a couple times when I lived in Poky.

    No one wants to go to Twin, but I have to go over Christmas to see family...ugh...(family is neither tweakers, nor beaners) but at least there's booze there :nana

  19. Well if you are ever in I.F. you'll have to try the Brownstone. It's right next to the Red Lion Inn on the falls downtown. Their micros are brewed right there on site and are excellent. Their Ahi Tuna Burger is pretty good too.
  20. Going to Sun Valley for a few days in January, will have to get out the map and trace a burger route. Gonna burn some of those calories.

    Never skiied Sun Valley, already have lodging and tickets, my B-I-L and I are both good all mountain skiers, I don't huck anymore, so, any good stashes? Any good routes?
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