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Best intermediate mx tire set

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by LSeca, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, what tires are you all running? I would like to get something with the best traction and rim/tube protection, wear would be secondary. My RMZ came with Bridgestone 404...searched online and many like the Pirelli mxms, but many complain of pinch flats.
  2. Hey Gary,

    My Katoom came with Bridgestones as OEM. M59 for the front and a M402 for the rear. I must admit I was AMAZED with these tires. I beat the living tar out of them and they kept asking for more. I even tried to kill the rest of them on the Golden Spike and they did well there too.

    When I lived and rode in Hawaii I hated Bridgestone tires. That was a looooong time ago so maybe technology has changed for the better. I am sure this is the case because my riding is going in the opposite direction.

    Anyway, I have never used Pirelli on the dirt only on the rc8r. I bought a set of Bridgestone M403,M404 for the OEM replacements ready to be spooned on as I write this.

    What ever direction you go, report back and let us know. :mrgreen:


  3. I like the Dunlop MX 51's, it's the new version of the 756 which are still on the rack at some bike shops. The MX 71's are sweet but won't last as long.
  4. For mx you might also consider a soft front. I run an MX31 and it's real good for anything short of dry hard pack. Good traction and they don't get as clogged up with mud as an intermediate since the knobs are fewer and farther between.
  5. Another vote for the MX 51s. The front isn't my favorite, but they are pretty inexpensive.
  6. Thanks fellas. I am going with the MX51 rear, and 31 front. Seems like many have recommended the combo. I wanted to try the Pirelli but it seems the sidewalls are very soft and they dont last as long.
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