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B'ham Bike Nite, Wed 5/16- Neiner Neiner Weiner

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by ZX14-TOMCAT, May 10, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Great turnouts so far for bike nites.. let's keep it going. Called Peggy and we're all set for next Wednesday :) Spread the word and lets see if we can get 50 Bikes to show...

    Neiner Neiner Wiener, 6pm
  2. Geez you guys and your 6pm bike nights, thank god I have a radar detector for the Duc so I can make it in time.

  3. if weather holds......I'm there!......
  4. I'll be there hungry and ready to ride.
  5. Last Bellingham bike night I made it to was there. Great place. Super accommodating.
  6. i have 3 running cylinders on my 954 and it sounds like a ex500 ill just show up so you guys can laugh at me....o that a bar in the background/???
  7. Roger, thats black forest, bet they have some duck farts!
  8. I'll call the black forest and have them stock up on Washington apple fixins.
  9. we need some new pictures of that place, with bikes! What was that '08? I'll be there
  10. In for sure this time,. cleared it with work :)
  11. Depending on homework..........I am a maybe!
    TREX is in!
  12. If u ask Peggy nicely ...maybe she will cut yours up :)
  13. Thats what the first post says at the bottom. :mrgreen:
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