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Bike accident on I-90 this morning

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by ridethepiggy, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. I know a fellow with that name, but I don't think he is that young.

  2. following eachother too closely?! when a driver cuts in from another lane....right, that makes sense?
  3. Well it's clearly the motorcyclist's fault, right? I mean, he should govern what everyone else does on the road.
  4. If you hit the rear of a vehicle on the bumper and not side then it is assumed you were following to close rear end law applies. This is why the swoop and squat accident frauds are so effective at collecting insurance monies.
  5. This has to be one of the worst months for bike related accident. It's making me sick to my stomach! I think I'm gonna take a break from riding street.
  6. Been riding for 30 years over the past 10 years with rising gas prices you see more bikes on the road. With more bikes more accidents are reported. However, I have been fortunate enough not to have been involved in any major accidents and laid a bike down once when I was 21 going too fast, not enough experience and the belief I was bullet proof. Long story short in that 30 years I ride my ride and nobody elses. I let other riders ride theirs and stay in my comfort zone. Keep my head on swivel and expect the unexpected. I am with you it is sad so many have had accidents and even lost their life but it will not hinder my desire to ride as many miles as I can both as recreation and transportation.
  7. That's the attitude I want to keep as I'm on my bike.

    I've only been riding 2 years and I watch countless videos online and read numerous articles of motorcycle accidents. Accidents will happen and the best I can do is be an attentive and safe rider to prevent the accidents from happening to myself.

    If anyone knows the rider, wish him a speedy recovery.
  8. Atta boy! I'm sure a lot of people had bad sex this month, too. Hopefully those guys never bang a hottie again, either.
  9. bad motorcycle accidents are as rare as plane crashes. they do happen.. but every one makes the front page. still safer to fly or ride than to drive
  10. This is my buddy Cody Smith. Not to be confused for the shift/fox rep Cody Smith that a lot of spokane riders know from the track/race circle. He will need surgery but i havnt gotten all the details yet on the extent of his injurys. His bike was a CBR954rr.
  11. Yeah that sounded like BS. Sucks for the people that hit him. :angry7:

  12. Real bummer. Cody, hope u heal fast.
  13. That was me. Yep, omw to work in the morning. I was looking over my right shoulder to make sure nobody was going to merge into my lane while I was still in it. I then looked forward and saw the GMC Yukon in front of me had rear-ended the car infront of him. I hammered my brakes and did a stoppie into the back of the Yukon at 60+ mph. Fractured both wrists and my jaw. Also knocked unconcious.

    Thank god I was wearing a quality helmet (Shoei RF-1000) and thick leathers. Saved my life. Here I am over two months later with titanium in my wrists and jaw.

    My CBR 954 is actually in okay shape. Because I jammed on the brakes so hard, the bike took all the damage to the gas tank. I've got all the parts to fix it now and just need the time to do the repairs.

    Thank you all for caring. As small of traffic there is in Spokane, it is saturated with crazy drivers. Ride safe.
  14. Aint Titanium awesome!?

    Probably my favorite metal...

    Glad you are recovering! Welcome the the Forum!
  15. Sucks for the biker, but yes he was following to close. Car 1 cut off car 2 that's on car 1. But the space from car 2 and the bike was to small. And where was his way out?? Be safe out there.
  16. Heal up quick and get back out there.
  17. Haha, well when car two skids into car one at 60+ mph and you're looking over your shoulder while this safety zone disapeared in a hurry. Bam.
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