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Bike Fest

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by Norainy, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. Change of plans, I will be around this weekend.

    Does anyone know where a109driver is planning the special location for the Astoria forum riders to park?:scratchea

    What time should we be there and is the ride he's planning before or after the meet?
  2. I have no clue I will probably go on Friday is other people are going to go.Thats the only day I can go though....

  3. ya what norainy said! 8)
  4. In the past, I've parked on the street next to Pizza Harbor, behind the Convention Center. I don't know how they'll have things arranged down there this year. I just go where I find some sportbikes and try to squeeze in with them. We are a minority at this show. Do you guys want to meet someplace on Saturday morning and ride to Seaside together? I won't get home from work till between 0900 and 0930. I live north of Seaside between Gearhart and Warrenton.
  5. so guys i have never been to this is it this weekend ?
    i may roll down sat to check this out
  6. Yeah, it's supposed to start today. I don't know how many will be there today, but tomorrow should be really good. I'm going down to check it out in a bit.
  7. cool i think i may roll down sat and check it out :) :mfclap:
  8. Sounds good. If I don't see a spot & time posted by 4pm when I leave work, I will just mosey on up to the Pizza Harbor tomorrow about 10 a.m. and see whats going on.8)
  9. Not much going on friday afternoon...I wish I could go on saturday.At least John and I got to go on a ride afterwards :) It was a pretty fun ride I wish some of you people I texted could have came along.
    P.S. John sorry for being slow ;) I am getting faster! I even drug knee 1 time today!!!! I was happy I did it,and enjoyed the ride.I just started going slower cause I kept seeing gravel and got a bit paranoid about seeing gravel mid corner.I sat up in a couple of the corners because of it and almost didnt make the corner....Thats when I started being slower....
  10. Dustan, that's no problem. Take it easy and don't ride beyond your comfort level. It was a fun ride. I almost forgot I was going to work.

    To eveyone else... I was looking yesterday, and it looks like they've rearranged the parking this year. Pro Caliber Motorsports is set up where I used to park. I'll just look for the area that has the most sportbikes. The earliest I can make it will be 1000-1030. I might have one of my kids with me. I'll text local riders where I'm parking when I get there. Anyone I know who gets there ahead of me could do the same and save me a spot.
  11. Brian, were you there? I didn't see you around. It was pretty crowded on Saturday.

    Did you end up going Ang?

    Bret, It was great to meet you. I wish we could've gone for a ride afterwards. I'll try to get another tire on this week and I'll be ready to go. I only had that rear on since June 12. I toasted it in just 5 weeks, but during that time, I rode a little over 2000 miles and 90% of it was on good twisties. Ah! It was a great way to burn a Pirelli.

    Here are some pics I took at Bikefest.

    My youngest son with the new Honda VFR 1200. He thinks it would be more comfotable than my R1. Probably true.

    The driveshaft would make for some low maintenance also.

    Bret's old jalopy Ducati next to my hot R1. Hahahaha! I love those carbon fiber wheels.

    Broadway filled with bikes.

    V8 barstool.

    V8 barstool in action.

    Broadway again.

    Everyone loved Bret's Ducati. Rick's R1 Raven behind my blue.

    Drag Busa.
  12. No did not end up rolling down there
    i did yard work ugh :banghead: had been putting it off for sometime but at least its done now :mrgreen:
    great pics by the way :)
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2010
  13. That Ducati is sexy!I love the single sided swingarm with the CF wheels....
  14. Dang John, that phone of yours takes some pretty good pics:mfclap:

    Nice to meet you for the first time and Rick (aka SunnyBunz chauffeur), for the second.
    Next time we definitely need to go rip up some asphalt somewhere.
  15. ^^^ I'm off work now for the rest of the week. I'm ready to install another tire on my R1 if your machine is available sometime. If not, I'll try my luck at the secret place in Seaside when they're not busy. I could just try to do it in my garage, but I don't know if I have the energy for that.
  16. what is this secret place you speak of???:scratchea
  17. The secret place is up to the wirlybird to reveal if he chooses:ninja:
    I'll be home next Wednesday if you still want to change a tire. PM me next week if your still in need.
  18. The secret place is a store which "officially" does not touch motorcycle tires, but if you know someone there, and catch him on a good day when it's slow, you might get a motorcycle tire changed. You didn't hear this from me. Rick Henry (Black R1 at GBS) had this done and told me about it.

    I just went out to Bret's (Norainy) a couple of days ago and used his NoMar tire machine to install and new rear on my R1. It works great, and he's got a static balancer also. I owe Bret some wheel weights, and probably a dinner sometime for helping me out so much. He has the ultimate "Man Cave" for motorcycle enthusiasts, and as a huge bonus, he lives right on Hwy 53.
  19. I have sunday,monday,tuesday off again this week.I'm going to try to get out there let me know if anyone wants to go on a little putt....
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