Bike Goes to Heaven

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by R6Roller, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Stumbled on this interesting piece..

  2. Grantizzle

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    Mill Creek, Wa
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  3. Well, the rider did crash on a straight. crackup: .. taken out by one of them damn desert deer.
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  4. koorbloh

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    dirty bikes!
  5. That'll buff right out.

    Unless, you know, riding a bike without a soul means it's going to do devilish things, like murder cagers. On second thought, hop right back on that bad boy.
  6. Yet another victim of illegal gravel. Sad.
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  7. My bike is an atheist
  8. OP, What's your PayPal? You owe me $5 for the 3 seconds I spent looking at that stupid picture.
  9. Grantizzle

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    Mill Creek, Wa
    why is the rider break dancing in the background?
  10. Oh I see, it was a rocket attack. This explains everything.

  11. And how did a naked bike transform in death to a fully faired race replica bike?

    Did the bike accept Jesus at the pearly gates?
  12. You're just mad it's zooki that got all banged up. :angry7:
  13. The plastics must have disintegrated on impact.
  14. Along with the throttle tube.
  15. Is that the POV of the acid tripper who just knocked him down?
  16. This enters a whole new level fucking stupid...
  17. Thought this was a bit better.....


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  18. I can't rep, but I LOLed. crackup:
  19. MichelinMan

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    And for the original pic, why is there a midget trying to pick up the bike by the handlebars/headlight?
  20. OK, glad someone else saw it.
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