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Bike Night 8-13-12 @ Cruisin Coffee

Discussion in 'Yakima' started by JaredWilske6185, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Alright guys, I know alot of people aren't into the bar scene for bike nights so here's your chance: We will be meeting up at the Cruisin Coffee on 32nd and Nob Hill here in Yakima @7:00. Doesn't matter what you ride come on down and hang out with us for a little bit. Bring everybody you can. It's always nice to make new riding buddies.
  2. I'm in and I was thinking there's that bowling alley close by we could always do that for a bit instead of the bars.

  3. If I get off work in time I'm in.
  4. well my bikes a little tweaked but duc talked me into it...yes ill miss shark week for this lol
  5. We just missed the company camping trip.....

  6. Who is that idiot with his bike the other way? Seriously though I wish I could just take a camping trip in the middle of the work week.

    Another angle...
  7. Haha, Dyslexic Ducati.
  8. By the way that sign said August 14th/15th. Today is the 13th??!!
  9. Interesting, I didn't catch that. There were a couple guys out front smoking, they were probably casino employees though.
  10. Ya the casino was open, just not the bowling alley I guess.
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