Bike Night 9-3 @ Crusin Coffee

Discussion in 'Yakima' started by JaredWilske6185, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Bike night tonight at Cruisin Coffee on 32nd and Nob Hill. 6:00 be there!
  2. Cant make this one. On the way to Packwood Saturday I noticed my kick stand
    pin failed on the Buell. I was able to buy a grade 8 bolt to hold everything together then park at a particular yard in PW. Where I know all my gear is safe and the people would let me lean the bike against their house. But until the new upgrade arrives "Animal" is in the garage parked against a mini fridge. Hoping no one bumps it... starting to learn the down falls of owning a hybridized, Harley..... they shake them selves to bits, and I'll be dipped if I can find a parts dealer with in a hundred miles.... but Gawd is this thing fun!
  3. The same thing happened to my friends buell on a ride out to wenas lake. We searched the road for hours to find the shifter and the bolt to put it back on to get home.
  4. Umph

    I'mmmmm baaaack! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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