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Bike Night At Celtic Bayou Thursday Aug. 9th

Discussion in 'Westside' started by DanielE36, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. I know I know a little late..:roll: But didnt find this on here so i taught id share. If its a repost. Mods delete Plz:mfclap:

    Anyways Bike night at Celtic Bayou Thursday August 9th
    6-9 pm Prizes Food bikes what else could u ask for...

  2. I might pass by to see what's up.

  3. Sucks. Figures something real close and local to me goes on while I'm stuck in Pasco for work.
  4. bukwld

    bukwld Moderator Staff Member

    this would be awesome to attend as I've wanted to try the place, but too late for me. damn schedule and stuff..
  5. Thanks for the headsup... any excuse for a bike night to meet other local riders, check out bikes, & get some grub! :eek:ccasion:

    I'm in..., I stopped in at the new Cycle Gear as I happened to pass by & notice it was open. Just opened this past weekend, nice to have another option for gear, and they have quite a nice selection of stuff... Any rides planned before? I think Dizzle really needs/wants to plan another... Ohhhhh Dane? Hehehe... :nana

  6. I second that motion!
  7. shit that's tonight, and around the corner. I may show up (in the cage cause the bike is down.) Daniel if you go text me. I'll meet ya there
  8. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    If highbridge wasn't torn the fuck up right now I would. Also if I took the gsxr instead of my triumph which I wanna kick because the throttle sucks ass on it.

    Oh, and this:
  9. as I'll be in Kirkland this evening.....I may show for this since Bellingham doesnt have bike nights anymore!:stir:
  10. Man.....out....gotta stack that paper!
  11. I hear ya man.. No worries ill c u at Doofers 8)
  12. Kicked with old friends made some new ones.. Great times
    See you all next time
  13. pretty good turn out.........and I even won a multi tool and t-shirt....was good to see someone I know...and meet a couple this is what a bike night is like! if only Bellingham had them again!!???!!!:stir:
  14. Dude who won the gopro or tires???:popcorn:
  15. Nice getting to meet some other local riders & gawk at some nice bikes. Pretty nice turnout, a cool bunch of guys ('cept Dana of course) & even gals made it out, and thanks to the new Cycle Gear Lynnwood for the raffle prizes... some lucky folks won a set of Dunlop tires, a GoPro Hero2, and other cool prizes. I actually won the TrackSide tie downs, but already have a set so gambled & threw them back in the pot for a chance at the tires or GoPro... Of course no luck on that... :rant But oh well, got a nice Dainese Tee for riding in. :tshirt:

    Just a couple quick shots as I came in, sorry to the bikes parked on the other sides of the lot... didn't get to those. :oops:

    The main lineup, ...there were several groupings in the lot so didn't get a shot of all of them...

    Check out the sick custom paint on these bad boys...

    BTW, 2 dizzy needs to get a REAL bike that runs next time..., so you don't have to cage-it in shame... :nana :lmfao

    Catch you guys next time...
  16. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Cool deal, good to see you guys, hope they keep doing it! :)
  17. Yes yes. Tease me now. We'll see what you have to say when I get it put back together. LOL. Maybe I'll tow it with a jet and be able to beat you! Good to see ya again man.

    Good to chat again pete. thanks for the info on the track days. now i'm more excited than ever to get one done. BTW, the cycle gear rep that I spoke to at the end of the night said they are trying to make it a weekly turnout each thursday night. If so......... I'm In!!
  18. not sure who won them....I had to bail not to long after they did the drawing for what I won.......the rep said they may do more drawing if they continue to have good turn outs!
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