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  1. September 1st (Saturday) there is a sort of end of the season Bike Night Bash down at Bowlz Bitez & Spiritz on the corner of Riverside and Washington. 104.5 Jamz is playing music and should be alot of other clubs and riders there.
    So everyone is invited and welcome whether your diding or not. Come down and meet some people, check out bikes, listen to music and have a good time. Hope to see some of you there. Oh ya, it gonna start around 6pm until whenever it ends.
  2. Walker509

    mostly bar event or what?
    < 20 till December...
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    Bowlz Bitez & Spiritz is a restaurant & bar: I don't think being under 21 is a problem.

    They have a Facebook page if you want to check it out.

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  4. Well it is a bar but they have food also. Its just an event for all motorcycle enthusiasts to ge together and meet some new people and have a good time. The owner is a motorcycle rider also so he is partial to motorcycle riders. We park on the sidewalk and I believe they are gonna have parking right in front just for bikes also. It was put together by some friends that I ride with and the owner let us do it there and its biker friendly establishment. It's just meant to be a get together to meet some other riders and people who like bikes. This year isn't going to be a big deal but next year it will grow in things going on.
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  5. What city?
  6. It's downtown Spokane.
  7. Bowl'z is a 21 and over only FYI
  8. Went there last night. Apparently Tuesdays are 'bike nights' as there were about 7 rides parked on the sidewalk out front, one of them looked like it could have been 'flynhawaiian's ride, if what I see in his avatar is blue neon, and if there was a certain airbrushed 'pose' on his gas tank! This place is brand new only open a couple months now. Inside is pretty nice so it won't be confused as a dive bar. One of the owners rides with a local club or group, hence the regular bike gatherings.
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  9. Walker509

    Thanks for the heads up! I may or may not go down just to say whats up to anybody hanging around outside. Or I'll just press my face against the glass and watch everybody inside with my puppy dog eyes.
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