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Bike Night this Week

Discussion in 'Klamath Falls' started by LilReds9R, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I say we go back to meeting at Big Lots or something so that we have a meeting place and then decide where we are going to eat. What do you all think?
  2. Holy crap! We're planning ahead now? Big Lots is full of RVs.


  3. I agree. This waiting till the last minute to see if someone posts is ridiculous and frustrating:banghead: . We just end up texting each other anyway. we should meet up somewhere and then decide. I like Big lots, but if it's full of RVs, how bout the gas station on 6th and Altamont?
  4. I know where there's a shop where we could meet :ninja:. The ATM area next to the Chevron would work, too.

  5. Either works for me. The spot on 6th & washburn would have the most visibility... but you guys pick.
  6. OK So I tried to get this set up early. Where do you all want to meet?
  7. Sounds good. See you there at 6(ish)
  8. Ok so this week, same place Chevron on Altamont & S 6th? It seems to have worked out ok last week. Then we can decide from there.
  9. Bike Nights are always on Wednesday and generally consist of everyone meeting somewhere, BSing for a little bit, and then going to dinner. As opposed to other bike nights where people show up, BS, and then go for a ride.

  10. Sounds like the discussion we had in Florence Jakobi :)
  11. Just wanted to make it clear so people wouldn't get their panties in a bunch :nana.

  12. Maybe you should just stop wearing panties and that won't happen. Panties look best on the floor anyways.

  13. You'll have to talk to James about that one. He has more experience in that area.


  14. I also agree with Panties looking better on the floor.

    Jake, that was only for Halloween damn it :devil:
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