Bike Night!!! Tuesday July 8th, 7:00 P.m. Mazatlan Restaurant, Bonney Lake!!

Discussion in 'Westside' started by KenInSeattle, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Ok folks.Back by popular demand. Bike Night at Mazatlan!!! If you remember last time, this place was awesome!! They are giving us the entire back room again. Please bring your tank bag so you have someplace to put the extra food. I've never seen portions as big as this place. I forced myself to eat all of it but many of you had to leave some behind because you didn't have a tank bag or a place to put it. Absolutely huge portions, awesome service and they've been asking us back for a while now. Here's the details.....

    Who: ALL PNWR.COM members, their friends and of course their families. Tons of people came last time and quite a few brought their youngins.
    What: Bike Night!!!!!
    Where: Mazatlan Restaurant!!!
    21616 State Route 410 E, Bonney Lake, WA
    When: Tuesday July 8th, 7:00 P.M.
    Why: Because they have THE most awesome mexican cuisine, huge portions, great service, awesome Bikes, good friends, and a lot of fun!!

    Ok, you know the drill. Please post up if you are coming and how many you're bringing. The cool thing about this place is that there are some pretty cool rides getting to and coming home from the location!! :mfclap:

    KenInSeattle: Is in and bringing the tank bag this time!!!! Yeah baby!!!! :mfclap:
    CpjMech: Is in!!! I can hear his bike coming out of his driveway!!!
    AE86Corolla: Is in!!
    littleq624: In as fuck!!!
    jeeperman: Is a maybe!
    Beemerkat: Is in +1
    gixxerjeff: He's got a free dinner if he dances!!
    dogger: Is in!!
    Mae: Is making the trek!!
    adrenalinejunkie: Is in on the gorgeous white duc!!!
    Raven_Ryder: Is in on the gorgeous black ape!!!
    Mizterpink: Is in!
    cbrchic: Hell to the mutha fukin yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Damon Mon Wai: Is in!
    nancejd: Is a probably!
    dejvan: Is in!
    Korea206: Is in!
    BiggAlf: Is in!
    fstenuf: Will stalk us from Federal Way!
    tthomasnw: Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!
    dizzle: IBTE!!!!
    Mikercw: In?
    pjd: Maybe
    pfunk436: In!!
    Grantizzle: Is in!
    Mikey: In +1 and a 1/2
    GPaddict: In!
    BillytheKid: In!
    crashnfool: In with da wifey!!
    RavenRyider: May be late
    DJ Nathan V: Is a maybe
    Lacy124: Is following Mikey
    Whitefire: Is in minus Miss em!
    20thgsxr: Is in!
    shelbyguy: Is in!
    revhard: Is in!
    jokerx4: May show with his girl!
    acelr8: In +1
    Tokin: Is in!
    Kasper: Rockin the K8 GSXR1000!
    Trisha: Will be there in spirit!
    pjd: Is in! Is out! Is a maybe!
    trickraca: Is in on da new rubber!
    CForce: Is in with Miss Kimberly!!
    The Flaming Lips: Is in!
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  2. Innnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  3. AE86Corolla

    I'll make an appearance :)
  4. littleq624

    littleq624 Chat Whore

    Issaquah, WA
    In As Fuck
  5. Maybe! Sorry I never give you a definate Ken, but my hours at work change every day!
  6. :mfclap:I Is In +1:mfclap:
  7. gixxerjeff

    gixxerjeff emw2k9 beer pong champions

    whose gonna buy me some dinner?

    i can dance!
  8. I'll pitch in half if you dance for it!!! Someone else has to pitch is the other half. But you gotta dance for it!! Lol.
  9. I gots the other half.......but PLEASE you have to leave ur pants on Jeffcrackup::thefinge:
  10. Cool!!!! We have a gixxerjeff in da house!!! dancing and getting his eat on!!!
  11. gixxerjeff

    gixxerjeff emw2k9 beer pong champions

    in full gear?!?!
  12. yes sir!! And camera's will be rolling!!! No lid though. (but don't worry, it will be well worth it. Their food is awesome!!)
  13. Holy Hell it's a trek...but since I have the name tags guess I should show :nana IN!
  14. If you can make it down to Seattle by 5:00 P.M then we can ride together!! Slab it down I-5 to Federal Way then 167 to 410.
  15. Done, just let me know when and where!
  16. Meet at Krispie Creme on 1st in SODO at 5:00 P.M.
  17. That will put you guys in BL at me:roll:
  18. Hey Ken do you need help counting people again? 12 42 53 33 85 3 24 5 2 18....... :nanacrackup:crackup:crackup::thefinge:crackup:crackup:crackup:
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