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Bike Night?

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by sonorousaria, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. I'm curious how many riders are in the Astoria/North Coast area that would be interested in starting a bike night. I would like to have a regular hang out myself, what do you all think?
  2. in, but (not to sound lame) i'm not down with voluntary rain rides. work around the weather? i think i've seen ur bike before at that hardware store right off of 26 and 101.

  3. In.

    But I bet it will be a little difficult to get much of a gathering on a regular basis, especially during the bad weather months. We (riders), are kind of sparse and spread out around here in da hills.

    Are you thinking a weekly or monthly thing?
  4. I actually just got a new bike (its a beemer), havent been out on it nearly enough yet. And as far as frequency is concerned, Im thinking what ever I can get. a monthly ride sounds nice at least for now till we can get more popularity. I know most groups meet on a weeknight, but what do you guys thing of a weekend ride?
  5. I'm in depending on where and when. I vote for someplace in Seaside. I could probably make it half the time. When the weather is too bad to ride, I'll bring this;

    I know there are several riders around who haven't read this yet, and there are some who don't use this forum. If we get something going, we might get them to join us too.
  6. What do you think think about meeting in Seaside on Feb. 5th around 2 if weather is good enough for a ride, or just meet up at a coffee shop or something around 4 if its not?
  7. I could do that. Is anyone else up for it? Seaside is central for riders from Astoria down to Manzanita with some good roads in either direction. Maybe we could turn it into a ride.
  8. I haven't ridden since november due to multiple jaw surgeries I've had (one of which was last Monday). I'll see how I'm feeling in this week to maybe join you guys.

  9. 2 is better than 4 for me, or even earlier. Where we meeting at?
  10. I like earlier too. Noon or 2:00 would work. We should go to lunch. Tsunami Sandwich shop is owned and operated by a motorcycle rider, but parking can be tight. The Stand is another great place. It's cheap and you can see the bikes while eating. There are other great places too. Does anyone else have input?
  11. Hey Ron,

    Just tape all the way around your head to hold your jaw closed. You don't need your jaw to ride, and we don't need to hear anything you have to say (hahaha). Just write your words down. We'll read it if we're interested in your input.
  12. The Weather Channel it saying rain on Saturday. That do you all think of 2PM at The Coffee Shop in Seaside on Broadway at the turnaround? We can meet and just hang out unless any of you were set on a ride in the rain?
  13. I'll be there @ 2, on 2.
    I can go for a small ride as I will need 2 be home about 2 hours after 2.
  14. I should be there. My R1 battery was dead today, so it's charging now. If it's alive, I might be on the bike. I'll try to reach some other guys to see if they can make it.
  15. Thanks, I look forward to seeing everyone there!!
  16. i have to work this weekendsolame:but hope it goes well. hopefully we can all keep it going if it takes hold.
  17. Jon i thought that girl hit your truck with her car, not your camera:mrgreen:
    Between your leg and Ronnnie's jaw you guys'll look like an ER field trip, rather than a MC ride;-)
  18. She did. She killed my truck. I've had my own car or truck since I was 16 years old until now. For 31 years, I've never been without my own four wheels, and now this girl's insurance company has me without my own vehicle for over two months. They refuse to budge on the value of my truck, and I refuse to give in to them for $1500 less than it was worth. I hope my lawyer drags the bastards over hot coals. I'm tired of driving my kid's car to work and back. Here's the thread for those who missed it;

    We will look like an ER. I haven't seen Ron to see how he's doing. The weather looks like complete garbage tomorrow, so I'll try to remember my little R1. Is it still the coffee shop at 2:00?
  19. If you all get a regular thing going I'd be tempted to join ya every once in awhile but I live out in rainier so it's quite a scoot in itself just to get to seaside. The chances of me doing it in the cold months however, are slim to no way. Ha ha.. My bike has a bad reaction to wet roads and cold temps. (never admit you're a fair weather rider, always blame the bike) 109 has my number and he kept me informed last year on the rides eventhough I flaked on all of them.. But my spirit is willing..
  20. Hey Duane,

    I'll still keep sending you messages when I know of an upcoming ride. I've missed several of them myself. Some of the best roads are between you and us, so we need to find someone from your side to go too, then we could all ride together one way and no one has to ride alone going the other way. There are also a lot of Portland area riders that organize rides to the coast on 202 and other roads. We could all join them by riding to Portland early, or just riding back with them, then returning to the coast after. I've met several Portland groups and one Seattle group by joining in along their route. We'll work out a big ride sometime.

    If you're interested, there is a group planning a 2700 mile ride down to California this summer. It will be one week of tearing up your tires on backroads. You'll want to start with a fresh set. I could email the route to you. I think it will start about the end of July through the first week of August. I'm still not sure if I can go, but I hope to.
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