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Bike Nights in Klamath

Discussion in 'Klamath Falls' started by SRTFSTJIM, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. It's official, I'm restarting the bike nights to get things back to their original greatness but I'm also going to upgrade it a little as well. This forum has gotten to quiet and I've been missing all that was.

    Winter is almost here but that's not going to stop me. It all starts this Sunday at 12o'clock. We're going to meet up at 1125 Adams Street. I will post a map link tomorrow morning. From there we will go on an enjoyable ride and then grab or make dinner. This will happen every Sunday from now to forever lol. When winter has taken our riding from us we will do just the get together part with food, drinks and discussions of what we're going to do when summer comes back to us.

    I will also setup XBOX motorcycle racing events and other fun things to do.

    It's time and you don't want to be missing out on this stuff :)
  2. Just because you have not been going to bike night does not mean it has not been going on. :mrgreen:

    This sounds like a great plan and I look forward to going on fun rides and meeting new people.

  3. Sounds great James! Maybe now I can make it after work. It suddenly seems as though Mondays aren't working for me anymore
  4. Sunday's generally don't work for me but I'll continue to make the Monday bike night/dinner with friends.

  5. Here is the link I never added

    That's unfortunate Jake....Wait, you really never join us for "Rides" anyway. One of these days!!! Speaking of which, what would be a good day for you to join a ride?

    Heather, I'm glad this sounds great to you :)

    LemonFresh, Yes I have been slacking on going to the bike nights and it's unrelated but it's nothing like it used to be. I'm hoping to get more activity back into it.

    On mondays I work as a bartender down at Roosters Steak & Chop house so if you guys feel like coming by and getting a drink I will see what I can do about a little "Hook up" :)
  6. There is a MotoGP race this weekend as well. If you'd like to watch it arrive here (Uncaged) at 10am and we'll watch it. It's the Japan circuit that had lots of controversy due to the Tsunami and cracks in the Nuclear Power Plant. Stoner is back to race after his surgery and Pedrosa is on a roll with some great racing. Should be a good one between them and Lorenzo and of course it's always fun to see Crutchlow and Dovisioso battling hard on their non-factory machines.
  7. Drill weekend? If so, you base guys should just come by after work.
  8. Pretty sure you were done before I was off work. How was it?
  9. Overly quiet but that'll change!! Next Sunday, going at it again and going to keep getting the word out there.
  10. Sorry James, We were both working. This Sunday, I work the early shift, so we'll try to swing on by.
  11. Looking forward to it. I've got a couple of people already reserved to show up that haven't typically so I'm excited to see the results.

    I'm nearly done with basic organization and clean up at the new shop and I'm getting excited :)
  12. So what time should we show up if we can't make the ride?
  13. I would suggest to still show up at noon. I'm planning on having other things going on for those who would like to hang here or it can just be discussed as to when and where to meet up for after the ride.
  14. Be here at 6 for MotoGP and bring beer if you'd so like. :)
  15. Would love to make it, but the 700 mile trip will have to wait for the weather to warm back up. (See thread on Memorial day trip) sorry for hijacking.
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