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Bike Shops?

Discussion in 'Walla Walla' started by Timebom, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. what bike shops are in Wally World area?
  2. Johnson Motorsports on E. Isaacs.

    What are looking to get done?

  3. Google, phone book?

    You know there is only one shop in the state you need...:nana
  4. I know... but just adding like 3 more hours to that trip. . :banghead:
    I did just buy a yamaha so i dont have to make that long of a trip, to bad its a 225. lol

    just seeing what is here actually. like little shops.
  5. Marks a great guy here locally(johnson motorsports), there is also Tom's cycle on oregon st. Carl is a pretty dam good tech there.
  6. well when i was last there, we had USA Honda, Tom's and Stateline Polaris / victory and Bumps Motorcycles (where I bought my Ural).
    Was hearing rumors of a shop in MF, not sure if they were talking about the victory shop or another.
    When I went by Johnsons it had tattoo signs in the windows so didnt stop, guess I will next time in town. I will be looking for an Aprilia / Guzzi shop thats hopefully closer than Moto International... But i have other brands to maintain and feed. lol
  7. Empire Cycle in Spokane recently became a Guzzi dealer. Not real close, but closer than Seattle.
  8. Ahh, heard rumors last time I was in M.I. that someone on the eastside was going to do Guzzi. I was truly disapointed with Westside Powersports when thay had Guzzi, so much so I dont go in there anymore.
  9. I stopped by Empire Cycle a while back, very nice people. Bought some swag, that's about all I know.
  10. Yeah, there's a guy that Tat's there. They split rent I think. No other shop in MF unless they were talking about Doug Keltner's(I think that's the spelling) place which is long gone. Don't think your going to get a Guzzi dealer anytime soon. What are you looking to have done?
  11. just looking to see whats around, just got a xt225 and need to relace the back wheel with oversized spokes soon, other than that.. I like bikes, so i like to know where the shops are.
  12. Mark has a few tires in stock, not sure if he would have the size you need but worth a shot. quick turn around too or atleast for me it is. Not a big shop but a great guy to visit with.
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