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Bike Suggestions for 59 year old man

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Jenjee, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Hi guys (and gals), I need your expertise. So my Dad wants to start riding. He grew up on a farm, riding quads and dirt bikes but hasn't been on a motorcycle since he used to ride his friend's Goldwing 20 years a go (which he was confident enough to let me ride on the back of at ten years old around the neighborhood much to my mother's chagrin). My Mom just left him after 39 years and it will be a great hobby to take his mind off of everything, though he's handling it well. He's amazingly level headed and is the safest car driver I know, and has great spatial skills after driving semis for 20 years when he was younger.

    He isn't required to, but I recommended he take Team Oregon next spring. I also recommended he start small, like even on a 250. He's five ten, about 200 lbs. I feel now that was probably the wrong advice, since he'd outgrow it in months and he would be commuting on the highway to work.

    So maybe a 650? Looking for reliability, heavy enough for the highway, but a little fun, too. I don't know enough about bikes to really steer him into some good options. Thanks for your help!
  2. SV650 is your Dad friend

  3. Not bad, not bad. I was just looking at them. Looks nice, relatively lightweight, okay for beginners, good for highway travel, affordable. Thanks.
  4. If he doesn't start small, Wee Strom.

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  5. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    First of all 59 is young; Not knowing him or his passions I couldn't recommend any particular machine. The only suggestion is don't go too small, by that I mean under 600cc. With todays driver mindset, and clogged hwys, the ability to negotiate one's self out of trouble requires. Knowledge, Skills, power, brakes, and proper gear. Also would not be commuting on these rain soaked freeways having not ridden in over 20 years. The space I occupy while driving my PU/Car is "Far" removed from the "Ass Hats" distance/courtesy I'm given while on my bike...AJ
  6. x2 on the sv650.

    had an '05 as my first bike a couple years back and freaking loved it. never should have sold it. great torque and plenty of power for ripping around on the streets.

    the suspension is the bike's Achilles heel, but with some upgraded springs and different fork oil, it can be improved tremendously.
  7. FireDave

    FireDave Banned Camp

    59, newly single?

    That's got Harley written ALL over it. Maybe a Dyna, with tassels on the grips. ;)

    Seriously: BMW F650GS, F800ST, Suzuki SV650, Kawi Versys, Triumph Street Triple. Yami FZ6. See the trend here?
  8. Haha, Dave. Though I'd rather see him buy a Harley than a Miata for his mid-life crisis...

    I love the Triumph Street Triple! Maybe in a million years when I can properly handle my little 250 without being scared shitless...
  9. I'm 73 and find my 2002 Ducati ST-4S to be perfect for what you describe that might work for your father. Besides, adjusting the valves will keep him out of the biker bars.
  10. 20 years off a bike doesn't necessarily make someone forget how to ride, find him an older Goldwing if he was/is comfortable with it and set him loose. Living out there in Redmond a comfortable bike with a stereo and luggage space is going to be a winner.
  11. Allister is about that same age and just got new wheels..


    perhaps you could follow suit?

  12. I agree with the guys above..

    I never tire of racing my SV and think it is a fantastic bike that is not overly uncomfortable to ride..

    Fz1 is a nice ride as well..
  13. I'm going to say 650 v-Strom as an all around kinda ride, as long as his inseam is over 31"
    The Versys is a real viable option as well.
  14. Honda VFR800 is a great all around bike. Its friendly to beginners yet with more capable riders it can hang with almost anything. Its comfortable and super reliable...On VFR enthusiast forums its pretty much agreed you do not need to do valve checks on them, members report they do their first valve check at 80,000 to 100,000 miles and need no adjustments!

    Got good control, breaks, buttery smooth, seat position, and good fairing protection.

    But i have to agree with others that he would fit a Harly or Goldwing just fine! All depends on what kind of rider he is.
  15. Sweet! I'm going over tonight with a list we can look at online and then go from there. Appreciate everyone's feedback and time.

    And Weig17, that looks more like my speed if I was smart...
  16. I put up either one of the Burgmans or the new BMW Maxim Scooters as a viable alternative for him to check out.
  17. Turboed and stretched hayabusa lol. Nah i agree sv would be pretty good.
  18. Met a guy in Bozeman a few years ago, 70+, rockin a C-14. (Kawasaki Concours - sport touring rig)
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