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Bike vs Nissan Titan: Iowa St

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by Jalharad, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Possibly deadly accident on Iowa st today. Dark blue sportbike, looked enough like a zx14 from a distance to call ZX14-Tomcat and make sure it wasn't him (it wasn't)

    be careful out there!
  2. I like how it said:

    He was waiting in the turn lane..

    Didn't see the bike..

    Started his turn (implying he was leaving the turn lane into an oncoming lane)

    Then saw the bike accerlate.. (yeah right) then wobble.. (kinda like he was HARD ON THE BRAKES)

    THEN CLAIMS the bike was going 80

    PD then states the bike "may have been traveling at 65"

    Sounds like the driver is full of shit
    Heading to mommy and daddy's shop
    Made a mistake
    Tried to blame the guy on the bike
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  3. No shit! Turn in front of somebody should put you at fault just as fast as rear ending somebody does.

    Regardless if the other vehicle is car or motorcycle and if they are going 25 or 250 mph.
  4. Yeah. Same story again and again.
    Fucks sake...
  5. How about some Bellingham folks check in?
  6. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member

    Ugh...sick and fucking tired of "I did not see him" and not even getting cited. If it was a pedestrian, bicyclist, or a car, he would be charged and then some.
  7. Sounds like to me, the motorcyclist went into a tank slapper, b/c some asshat pulled in front of him and he tried to steer around him and more than liekly target fixtated on him.
    Alos how did they conclude their investagation so quickly?
    Skid marks? rear tire locked up due to cyclist performing full hard on panic braking more than likely.
    Regardless of speed. Mr King STILL turned and stopped in front of a vehicle, if he would have just mashed the GO pedal, the worse that could have happen was he got a beep / horn sound and a middle finger at him.
    Just my two cents, as Johnny Cochran.
    Talk amongst yourselves.....
  8. As I mentioned elsewhere, the family of the driver is intimately familiar with the cost of a wrongful death suit. I hope it doesn't come to that.
  9. Note to self: Do not lock up the rear if I'm about to crash while speeding. :scared
    Hopefully this doesn't become a RIP thread.
  10. I was working just up the street this morning when it happened. That truck was so badly wrecked it looked like it was dropped out of a plane, front first. To do damage like that you would have to be going at least double the posted 35mph speed limit (if not triple or more). And this happened on a highly busy street just before noon. I can't say that King is faultless... but this rider was way out of line.

    I heard from a witness that the rider was wearing a helmet, t-shirt and shorts. No gloves, no pants.... nadda. I have a terrible suspicion that this is the same GSXR-pilot I've seen flirting with disaster on a daily basis.
  11. That assumes that King stopped before turning. Who stops before turning left off of Iowa if they don't see anyone coming that they think is close enough to possibly make contact with?
    You have no idea if the rider was out of line or not and the fact remains that speeding or not, the collision occurred in the riders lane, not Kings. It's his responsibility to wait until the lane is clear before turning.
  12. I just noticed the driver estimated first seeing the motorcycle 200ft ahead before beginning his turn (now I'm going to geek out). That road is 35 mph, so conservatively we'll say that the biker was extremely good at holding back on the excitement juice, and was consequently going 35 mph.
    At 35 mph, 200ft is traveled in less than 4 seconds. To me, that sounds like the driver was cutting it close (trying to squeeze in so he didn't have to wait a few seconds), or maybe misjudged the bike's distance. FYI - At 65 mph, 200ft is traveled in less than 2.1 seconds.
    At 80 mph, it would be less than 1 3/4 seconds and the bike would have been by the Nissan dealership before the asshat began his turn. His estimate of 80mph and 200ft seems completely off.
    If you ask me, the driver was trying to make the turn before the bike so he wouldn't have to wait a few seconds and misjudged, now he's trying to cover his tracks. Maybe he was late for work at his daddy's dealership.
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  13. Agreed, the driver should have been cited for AT LEAST failure to yield. If you get hit in somebody elses lane, it is going to usually be your fault for being in the other persons way.
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  14. This.
  15. I was driving around that area when it happened. Had a detour set up.

    Iowa St pinches to one lane heading east, right where the King dealership entrance is I think.

    I didn't know why the road was blocked off until reading this.

    This sunny weather hasn't been very kind to motorcyclist's of late.
  16. Like I said: "I can't say that King is faultless." He shouldn't have initiated that turn until it was clear, and if he really did stop mid-turn then the fault should rest on King for causing the collision.

    I do not believe that the rider is at fault, I hope he makes a full recovery. But the fact remains, when you speed around like an ass-hat in heavy traffic, bad shit is going to happen. A simple glance at that Nissan will tell you this rider was not going a mere 35mph (speed limit).

    The whole situation stinks. Neither King nor the rider were driving lawfully.
  17. I would like to throw this out there for you'all to consider....

    Lets take this dude (Liar) claim of the 200 feet away before he started his turn into the riders path.....

    If the rider was traveling at 45MPH, he would cover that distance in 3.05 seconds
    If he was traveling at 50MPH - 2.73 seconds
    If he was traveling at 65MPH - 2.09 seconds
    If he was traveling at 80MPH - 1.70 seconds

    Oh, and at 35MPH - 3.89 seconds.

    So, tell me how long does it take for a large truck to safely make a left turn across a 4 lane hwy?

    200 feet and at any speed was the wrong move for this guy, the accident is all his fault and he should be sighted.
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  18. ok, everyone seems to have an opinion about this so I'll throw my 2 cents in....

    this happened 2 blocks from where I work. I went down to the accident scene to check things out. This was in no doubt a case of STUPIDITY!!!! Rider was going way to fast on a city street. I saw the damage to the Nissan Titan and definitely speeds of 70+ were involved to do the damage.... front end was completely caved in..... If the rider HAD been doing 35-40 mph... this would never have happened. Iowa is a VERY busy street to be doing this kind of speed. I see lots of m/c's going up and down Iowa way faster than they should. I've seen this kid ride before and he's one that had no respect for riding... Tank top, shorts, excessive speeds etc.... Any cagers out there can't expect a motorcyclist to be doing 70mph on any city street so for anyone to blame King in this matter is wrong. Everything happened so fast that I'm sure it's difficult to really judge any type of speed or distance when things happen in split seconds. Rider's fault completely in this matter..... He could have prevented this from ever happening by using good judgement and common sense!!!
  19. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    So the rider is doing something in the neighborhood of double the speed limit on a busy city street (a real asshat move), but we're going to lay all the blame on the cager for making the same exact turn we've probably all made numerous times in our lives?


  20. Pretty much... When you're waiting for an opening to make a left across traffic, you sure aren't looking down the road far enough to see one object going 2 to 3 times faster than all of the others. Ideally you would be, but with all the evidence given, in my opinion this rider was asking for today's events. It's very sad, and that's all that's for sure
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