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Bike wont start

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by NoChickenStrips, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Coming from the St. Helens ride, I went home then just parked the bike for a few days. Coming back to it it cranks but will not start. I have already tried draining carbs twice and changing out to new plugs, but still no. I'm starting to think its bad gas, but I've already went through 3/4 of a tank without a hitch. Ideas?
  2. battery? tip-over-sensor (if any)?

  3. Batteries fine, i left it on a tender all night. No tip over sensor, bikes in neutral with clutch in and kickstand up.
  4. I had to replace my stator last season...and now have to do it again..I am gonna fix it and trade it in for something brand new(Hayabusa or a Cruiser)...If you have an Ohm meter,you can check it...and if all three numbers aren't the same on the readings...that's definitely what it is...!
  5. When you had plugs out did you grd one to see if it was firing at all?
    what was condition of plugs when you pulled them - black, greyish, wet w/fuel, etc...
  6. Yea i checked both for spark and both were good. The plugs were a nice tan color, but i just swap plugs because I have a feeling they were on the bike since 2004.
    Gonna drain the gas and fill it with some fresh gas, hopefully it'll solve the problem.
  7. If you bike was cranking but not firing I would have thought the plugs would be "wet". You are not getting fuel? If that is the case i cant see draining is going to do anything for you. Is it easy to check your fuel filter?

    Did you try a starting fluid? Sometimes if you can get it started it will suck the tiny crap in the carb though.
  8. 2 fiddy jets are tiny
    Clean them...
  9. Its definitely the carbs being stuck. What a PITA to get them out and cleaned.
  10. Not nearly as bad as some bikes. Your rack is only two wide.
  11. Its not that hard, I have put the carbs in and out of a vulcan 500 probably at least 3 times by now, it shouldn't be that hard. You just have to make sure that everything is out of the way for you to get them out. :mfclap:
  12. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    You guys obviously haven't done the carbs on a Ninja 250. I shit you not, the FSM states to remove the rear wheel and the rear fender. It's possible to do it without removing all that, but it is NOT pleasant and not like your typical bike. Dood's right, it's a PITA no matter how you do it............
  13. So i took apart the carbs,all the jets weren't clogged but i cleaned them anyways. Put the bike back together, still no starting.
    So things i did: Drain/replace gas
    Swap to new plugs/checked for spark
    Cleaned carbs
    Checked all fuses

    Any Ideas? I haven't checked the valves yet.
  14. Ok, you have spark? Yes?

    Then do you have fuel? Try starting fluid. If it starts on fluid you have a fueling issue.

    Narrow from there.
  15. Donn't know for sure, but there is carb "cleaning" and then there is real thing.

    no. of miles might be relevent here, before diving into valve adjust.
  16. Well maybe I didn't clean the carbs that well then lol. Took out all the jets all clean, i still sprayed carb cleaner all over, through all the holes on the carb etc.

    I adjusted the valves ~ 3000 miles ago with the last 300 ish miles at VERY high rpms.
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