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BILT Motorcycle Gear - Anyone know anything about this brand?

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by JohnnyD, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Cycle Gear is having a sale on this brand of motorcycle gear.

    Prices seem good, but I live too far from a store to check it out. Anyone seen or tried this brand? I'm always looking for more jackets and pants. Track suits are only $300.

    Or are this trash and should be avoided? Don't know if this is a new brand and just like Fieldsheer when they started, I was able to get some leathers at good prices.
  2. They've been around for sometime. Make some pretty good cold weather gloves, not sure about the rest of their gear. Check for reviews.


  3. They are exclusive to Cycle Gear, little else is known.
  4. It looks like they have replaced the motoboss stuff with the Bilt line. The stuff I looked at seemed about what you would expect for lower price point stuff. No amazing value/quality discoveries. (the leather onezy might be worth a go if you can get the right fit).

    The saving grace of CG is that if you hate it, you can return it...
  5. Thanks everyone for the replies - Maybe I'll order something and if I don't like it, I can always return it...

    Not really finding any reviews elsewhere. Found some others asking the same question. Maybe I'm not looking or searching for the right terms.
  6. No, I don't think that's it. The stuff just hasn't been in circulation much, so there prolly isn't tons of info out there yet.
  7. CG also is now carrying a step above the bilt called sedici I thiink. I'm gonna go check it out this weekend. I googled "bilt motorcycle gear reviews" and found one by some forum. Did it from my phone so I don't have a link. Basically said if your just a novice street or track rider the stuff looks good on a budget. The price is low as its CG's in house line eliminating some middle men who all make money off a product. They continued to say they are using the products now so they don't have a real review yet. Buying something cheap like gloves and then using them all the time for summer should give an idea to the quality. It gets more complicated with a crash in a suit ofcourse.
  8. Whaddya know, just today I received the latest mailer from Cycle Gear. Basically showcasing the the (exclusive to them) Bilt gear. Definitely entry level pricing.

    I could get a full suit, boots, gloves AND a helmet, for what my favorite jacket cost.

    I already have enough gear, but think I'll go down this weekend just to see this stuff for myself.
  9. Deven

    Deven Dee-von White

    got the add, leaks pretty chincy
  10. tried on the 49.99 bilt special and the flip face $100 bilt special. they felt big and bulky and the vision field seems small kinda like tunnel vision i guess? or like wearing my MX goggles. they were fairly comfy and light weight though. the price reflects how the build quality felt in my hands.

    sales person was on track when he said they are no arai or shoei (or hjc if you ask me) but its a good value for the price if you need a helmet.
  11. That's what prompted my question. Never heard of them before.

    I hear you. I love Dainese gear. But, like you stated above, I could get a full set of gear for what my jacket cost. Don't know if I would like the helmet. Really love my RF-1100.

    Wife hates me. I have too much gear now, I'm a sucker for jackets. She says I'm worst than a woman.
  12. My son got a pair of their gloves . So far they're ok, considering he only paid $29.99.
    Cycle Gear said that Bilt is Motoboss. They just wanted their own brand. So the Motoboss company makes Bilt for Cycle Gear.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2011
  13. Im a newb but I like the gauntlet gloves that I got for $30. Nice comfy fit.
  14. Got the same flyer and wondering the same thing. Very low prices on the stuff. The Sedici brand gear looks a little nicer for a little more money. Be interested in taking a look in person myself.
  15. I bought a Bilt helmet about a month and a week ago and I had no problems at all, until the wind kicked up. Multiple times after trying to enter the tollway at a speed of 60+ on the on ramp, I have had the face shield fly up and catch wind and literally disrupt my vision. I have my receipt and I am going to Cycle Gear tomorrow to let them know that I am unsatisfied with the design of this helmet. I dont think a helmet face visor should fly up and throw your head back no matter how fast you are entering a ramp or how much the wind is blowing. I imagine they will honor my return, but other than that, I love the helmet. The helmet is a Bilt 'demon modular'. Thanks, Michael in Dallas, TX.
  16. I bought a pair of Bilt Trackstar boots. Normal price $139, Cyclegear had them on sale at $70!! If they last one season, I will have got good value out of them, but they're surprisingly well made, and I'm sure they'll last years. I find them really comfortable, both when riding, and when walking in them. Are they Sidi or Alpinestar quality? Obviously not, but then they were a fraction of the price. I'll be keen to check out more Bilt products.
  17. I got the riding both and Bilt Jacket. At one of the bike meet some dude claimed his buddy low sided his bike (25- 35 mph) and the arm stitches opened up.. I tried to do some research on it but due to the fact that this brand is pretty new, I had no luck finding much about it. Oh one more thing.. The arm size is usually run a little too big on these jackets.
  18. anybody else have reviews of this stuff? i was looking at getting their pants. for $109
  19. Although it's a good price if you're tight on cash, make sure you look over Craigslist and NewEnough before parting with your money. Also, we are nearing the end of the 'riding season' for some, and gear is going to start coming up used or going on sale.
  20. Bilt: Entry level => you *will* eventually throw these out and upgrade to something else. The build quality and fit is horrible.

    I would highly recommend CG's Sedici line. Build quality is much higher quality, maybe even on par with alpinestars. I have a pair of track pants from Sedici, and I'm very happy with it.
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