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Bird strike in faceshield at 70mph

Discussion in 'Salem' started by iBike, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. It happened today at 2:00pm.

    Buena Vista road heading to Independence to cross the river into Salem.

    70mph, coming up on two vehicles to pass. Just as I downshift, blue flash and kaboom! direct hit in front of my nose on the visor. Big blue jay. I'm surprised at how much force that had. I managed to keep my wit and pulled it over stunned. Ears rang for a few minutes and my neck got jerked pretty hard. No damage to helmet, just some small feathers stuck to my visor and a couple big ones on my shoulder. My new RF-1100 performed!

    I've been riding since Feb of this year and have almost 3k on my bike. I'm gonna take it easy for a bit. To think if I hit that at triple digits I'd be blasted off the bike and probably have plastic shards in my eyes.

    Note to self, watch UFO's around the orchards. They are real.

  2. Glad you are ok......and it wasn't a mouth foaming seagull

  3. Yet another reason for wearing a full face helmet :thumbup: because the next vegetable in a "soup bowl" could be the rider who chooses to wear one.
  4. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member


    What happened to the bird?

  5. well played sir. well played.
  6. That'll learn 'im. I hope to stick to nothing larger than a bee.
  7. Same thing happened to me in 05 doing about 75, right after I bought my bike except for some stupid reason I didn't have my visor down and it hit me right in the eye socket. Damn near knocked me out, gave me a black eye and had to pull bird guts and feathers out of my hair and helmet. It was my own dumb ass fault for not having my visor down, needless to say I learned my lesson and I ALWAYS keep my visor down now.
  8. Glad it wasn't any worse. That crap can happen to any one. :scared

    On a side note; you are now authorized to paint a silhouette of a bird on the side of your machine. :salute:

    Carry On.
  9. Ya know if I didnt have a full face helmet I'm sure I would of broken my nose, knocked teeth out and probably broke my jaw and eye socket.

    Full face FTW!
  10. OK - Well played -
    But, being an amateur birder - and originally from Salem - I will have to say what HIT you was not a Blue Jay - but rather a Stellar Jay - There are not many Blue Jays in Western Oregon!! (A Scrub or Grey Jay are you the other options)
    Just hoping my RF1000 holds up as well!!
    Just saying...
    DavidK - now Western WA
  11. Any difference in weight or air speed velocity?
  12. Damn, that'd startle the crap out of me! Glad I've only had to deal with big ass bees, which still sucks, picking bug guts out of my vents blows
  13. dude, that's crazy. glad you kept it on 2 wheels and under control.
    I had a bird fly at my head a couple years ago, but I just barely ducked enough to miss it. I did hit one with my forks later that same day. it was weird.
    Got to watch out for them things
  14. Make sure you look inside the helmet for any foam structure cracks. With a Shoei, even if the outer shell looks perfect, the inner foam may be cracked. Happened with my x-12. The outside looked great, the inside had more crack than Donny bent over.
  15. In 1985 I was 19 years old riding back to Cali where I was stationed. I decided to take HWY 101 then I was going to hit Pacific Coast HWY. I was just outside Brookings when a Seagull dive bombed me for a headon collision path. It hit me in the chest I was going about 45mph knocked my hands off the bars. I managed to regain control and get pulled over. I had a good leather jacket (nothing compared to armour and jackets of today) but I wound up with 3 cracked ribs, brusied sternum and 2 broken ribs. The Seagull died on impact. Looking at the gear I had available in 1985 I was lucky it was a chest strike and not to the dome.

    Glad you are alright and yes you will never look at birds the same when riding.
  16. That sucks! I hit a bird once going a lot faster than that, but it was the bike that took the impact. I have however, gotten hit in the head with a falling branch out of a tree. Kept the bike up, startled pretty good though.
  17. The important thing is how well they would carry a coconut.

    I took a bird in the chest once, right as I was tipping in for a turn. Scared the hell out of me. Taking one in the melon, that has to be a shock.
  18. Depends on whether or not it's carrying a coconut.

    Just be glad it wasn't a vulture!
  19. OP didn't mention whether his bird was laden or not.
  20. I hit a bird with my FZ1 not long ago... didn't leave a mark on the bike, and I didn't even feel it. I'm glad I found this thread though... I will keep my visor down more often. I wear Bolle sunglasses all the time but for a bird hit even they wouldn't do so well.

    A couple years ago I was driving up to Salem from Reno in my WRX and on one of those twisty roads north of Susanville, I was hauling ass at about 80 mph and three birds dove in front of me the way they like to do with cars... and only two cilmbed back up afterward.

    Later, I stopped to take a leak and didn't see anything on the car... though weird, maybe he was okay.

    Then I got to Salem and opened the hood because I was washing the car to get the dead bugs off and was going to spray down the motor too... oh wow. This little bird (a finch?) managed to squeeze through the TINY crack between the hood and headlight (right side) and was stuck just above the headlight (dead of course), pretty much intact otherwise. Wow.

    I've also had a bird go into the hood scoop once... found him stuck to the intercooler. Again, didn't know it til I opened the hood.

    Damn birds!!

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