BMW R1200RT is a Firefighting Motorcycle - very cool!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Apr 22, 2009.

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    Check out this BMW R1200RT which has 2 25-liter tanks with a mixture of foam and water, connected to a compressed air tank with a 30 meter hose.

    These are being used right now in the United Kingdom. Check out the video of it in action.
  2. pretty dang cool!

    good find! thanks for the video
  3. pretty cool!
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    I like
  5. Our fire district is doing a preliminary evaluation of the same kind of thing but primarily for medical response in situations where standard apparatus cannot get through (think: earthquake). San Francisco was even hinting at citizen emergency responders on bikes (motorcycles that is) ten years ago.

    Too bad I retired.

    Of course, with all the bunny-huggers and Al Gore's paranoia, even motorcycles have too much of a carbon footprint. Maybe the Chinese have the right idea:

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  6. They've been around a while.... (yeah, I know it's a 3 wheeler but based on similar ideas)


    Anybody know what make/model it's based off of? article doesn't say.

    Linky to article
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    I tried to get them to allow me to make my 88 gxr1100 Katana into a rapid responce vehicle and they said no because i could be in MT Vernon and still beat the aid car to the calls

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    Hmm... I think I'll be speaking with my captain.

    Can you say ZX-14FF? :evil4:
  9. usmcgunnerm4

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    Of course you Beemer NUT!

    Looks like an Indian to me. LINK to 1947 Indian
  10. james1300

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    Guessing by the front fender, Id say its an Indian. But, its a guess.
  11. The Forest Service should adopt an enduro model for their prevention rigs. Would be perfect for putting out small illegal camp fires, or single tree lightning strikes out in the middle of nowhere with no road access. Would be even better for them if they used a small pump instead of an air tank to pressurize the hose though, which would also give them the ability to self fill out of a stream or any other water source they happened to find. The only advantage to using an air tank for pressure is it would make it compressed air foam which uses a lot less water, which works great for oil or car fires, but no so good on burning woody materials due to lack of penetration.
  12. I'd like to have that hi-viz scheme for my RT. That would be nice to keep the cages awake when I cruise in to work in the pre-dawn hours... :nana
  13. now all you need to do is find some firefighters that know how to ride and you have a winner ... although in my experience, those are few and far between
  14. If my department got those I'd be all over it. Several of the firefighters I work with ride.
  15. 75monza

    I know a lot of firefighters who ride too. We would have killed for these, you could get them to places that the trucks can't go.
  16. Oh lord.. Someone combined motorcycles AND firetrucks? I'm in heaven!
  17. The Buell emergency unit is available right now for your off pavement, forest road, county access road needs. Lights, horns, communications, bags.... all you gotta do is put the pump and foam in the bags.....


    Of course its available in Red too ;)
  18. Avboden

    from Wa, living on Grenada (island)
    I Ride:
    1991 XR250L, 2007 BMW F800S, 1999 ATK 605 ESDS/SM
    Sorry bud but if they were wanting an off road one they'd just get a BMW GS, can't touch that
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