bodacious babes on bikes

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by pink voodoo, May 16, 2012.

  1. Much thx. This bodacious babe took my breath away..

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  2. That may be the sexiest huffy I've ever laid eyes on
  3. Im still a girl who plays with dolls... she's BLOW-dacious!!!!
  4. bukwld

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    even though it's a way to pay it forward it doesn't belong in the classiifeds. moved to motorcycle talk since it has to do with motorcycles, I think? lol
  5. Reminder to self...don't look at pictures in posts with Babe in the title during lunch. :tard:
  6. Bump n blow-dacious!!!
  7. Why didn't you post a real picture of you?
  8. My teenage kids posted this picture up in hopes that they could win me the trip... I think they just wanted mom gone for house party...
  9. Picture first ... then vote.
  10. voted for you again!
  11. Sorry I had to vote for Hope a few times.
  12. I will give u that but she got some boney hips...I like a little more to my hips....
  13. Your post is useless without pictures.
  14. I'm thinking Randi.

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