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Boise in April/May

Discussion in 'Boise Region' started by Humboldt9R, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I am going to be in Boise on business for a few weeks in April/May. How is the riding weather normally that time of year? Are there many twisty rides out that way?
  2. weather: awesome
    twisties: unknown could go up 95 or 55...out by Idaho City....Stanley if you don't mind a long ride...Bogus Basin Road....

    oh, and lake shore....

  3. Ah come on. There have to be at least some good roads out in Boise. I can't go a month without hitting some twisties.
  4. stop flapping your jaw and listen to what I told you.

    if you want maps, ask for them.

    I gave you 2 good roads and a place to look for some. one in Boise, one just outside of Boise.
  5. The road to Bogus will be twisty. Dangerous? Yes, but twisty. PM Maric_57. He now lives out that way. Rides a 750 and a Sumo Husky. He knows the roads out there pretty well, so he can take you.

    Are you riding your bike out there? Or trailering it out there?

    Be careful of the airplanes...I may or may not have been spotted by one.

  6. Thanks for the heads up. I plan on riding out there. Figure, I bought the C14 for long trips, might as well take it on one to start out the season. Glad the weather is starting to warm up. I only have 2500 on her so far. (bought it in Oct)

    Was looking for something other than a freeway, but if you think that 95 or 55 would be a nice ride I will check them out, I was just looking for more ideas. I am going to be out there for a month after all, and plan on a ride every day I can.
  7. I just talked to Maric_57 on the phone this AM in fact. He tells me is WAS warm earlier in the week, but it's gotten much colder recently. But yeah, PM him and I'm sure he'd love to take you out. His brother just bought a brand spanking new HD Crossbones. So all three of you guys can probably have some fun riding.
    Good luck homie. And keep the shiny side up.
  8. You'll definitely get variable weather out here during April/May, but should
    be generally good. Yes, there's plenty of twisties out here, and I created
    a blog on these 13 loops from STAR (click on any image for larger version):

    I also have a website loaded with road trips in ID-MT-OR-WA-NV-CA:

    The most popular would be the Lowman Loop. That's a clockwise route from
    Boise to Banks to Lowman to Idaho City to Boise. A slight extension to that
    would be to turn left at the SR-21 jct, and savor those S-curves over to the
    Haven Cafe for breakfast or lunch.

    If you get the chance, head out to the Bridge Street Grille in Lower Stanley
    for a buffalo burger on the deck overlooking Salmon River and Sawtooth Mtns.
    SR-75 from Lower Stanley to Sunbeam and Challis is terrific.

    Any questions, let me know. Will be riding out to Keno in mid-June with my
    daughter on our way to the Redwood Coast (66-5-96-299). Woof!
  9. Sorry man, but Idaho City is Highway 21. 55 will take you to the beautiful town of McCall Idaho or you could do the 170 mile loop from highway 55 to 21 and back through Idaho City and into Boise.

    Hit me up if you want to ride.

    2007 Buell XB12R
  10. sorry, I meant idaho city *or* 55 *or*

    those *or*'s are important :mrgreen:
  11. No Problem man I understand. I just found this sight today thanks to Thaloc from

    I need to find some riders here in the Treasure Valley.
  12. Nampa? I've got a cousin that builds bikes down there. (not a shop owner) just a hobby of his since he was a kid.
  13. Cool, where at in Nampa?
  14. Not sure exactly. One of them dairy farms out there. Out past the old stink beat factory. (not sure if that's still out there or not) I'm trying to get a hold of him so Maric_57 (one of my old time buds) could meet up with him sometime.
  15. Thanks all! I will be leaving Monday to make the trip out to Boise. I should be there for about 3 weeks. Lets see if we can setup a ride on April 25-26. That is pretty much going to be the only weekend I have the whole weekend free.
  16. HEY! the beginning of this week was pretty warm, but a little cooler now. Still love to go for a ride this weekend or next week if anyone is interested. Give me a buzz.
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