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BOISE-is there a good Suzuki dealer?

Discussion in 'Boise Region' started by freezincold, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. In all of your humble there a good Suzuki dealer in Boise?

    I met some dudes from boise at SRP a few weeks ago that worked at a suzuki shop there.

    I am about ready for a valve adjust and don't want just any Suzuki shop touching it.

    Camp didn't even know what Suzuki "superlub A" was and the service manual calls for it in numerous areas.

    You would think they would at least know what the cross-referance for it would be.
  2. Clarkston, WA - Mac's Cycle - Have Ivan work on it, and yes, they are a Suzuki dealership. I trusted them with my 12 during my years spent in Pullman at WSU.

  3. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    Second on Macs
  4. or try gixxer marc over at allens he knows the bikes inside and out he also swapped a moter and tranny in a friends telifonica no complaints so far but since your bike is so new who knows,but allens is a cool place he also gives discounts to people who pay with cash. im due myself for one on my 929 and i sure dont want to take it anyone around here ,btw know of anyone who works on hondas?
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