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Boise ?'s

Discussion in 'Boise Region' started by QUiEtStOrM, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. I currently live in Tacoma, WA and I'm looking at possibly taking a new job over in Boise...

    I've been over there a few times for business, but was always outside of Boise.

    What is there to do over there? Any nightlife? Hunting good? Most the people I encountered over there were REALLY into Hockey, I guess there's a minor league team there or something? Is there anything else to go watch? Sports, etc...

    Let me know the good and the bad of the area..
    One good that I know is the cost of property there versus here in Western Washington, a lot cheaper in ID....


  2. pm dfowler on cf. she lives in boise.

  3. dude.... hit me up with your questions. i grew up there and have family there. who you thinking of working for? right now it's an incredible time to buy into the housing market in boise. the largest employer in idaho (micron) has been laying people off. economy isn't doing so hot over there but depending upon who you work for and in what industry there's some decent work. i'm actually considering moving myself and living off the wife.
  4. sports: Boise State University (pretty much all sports), Boise Hawks (minor league baseball), Snake River Stampede (minor league basketball), the hockey team (don't know what they are called), I want to say there's an arena football team too

    hunting is good right outside of boise, so is fishing, and so is hiking, biking, skiing, and all sorts of stuff like that

    nightlife...was never my strong point, but I guess it's tops there (for Idaho).

    I grew up around there too, and still have family there. good place, I want to eventually move back.
  5. Steelheads! Spokane is where they go to start their pro career...Boise is where they go to end it! So I've been told anyway...I always enjoyed the games...

    Old Chicago Pizza...mmm...

    There is a bit of difficulty in buying beer after hours, due to a fairly...ahem...pervasive religious element.

    Who do we hate? Boise State!!!
  6. Downtown Boise has a ton of nightlife and a ton of bikes cruise all night. Hunting is pretty good depending on what your looking for. Winters are mild but the summers are hot as hell. Think mini Phoenix type weather. It is a little hard to meet people due to everyone growing up together and knowing only their life long friends, but just meet other people from out of town. lol Make sure you go to Big Judd's and get a burger. If you go you will know what I mean. Be prepared to not see any trees. That was one of the biggest things I noticed about the area. Also stay away from Garden City and Caldwell.
  7. Thanks for all the info. guys!!!

    Maric, PM me your # I've gone through about 3 phones since the last time we talked! lol
  8. It sucks here, I moved here a little over a year ago for work and regret it greatly. Downtown nightlife is ok, nothing like Seattle, hunting and fishing are awesome and so is the skiing. Plenty of water to wakeboard, jet ski, and raft within 20 minutes of downtown. The weather is hot as hell in the summer and you can ride all winter usually. Hope you like wind if you move here.
  9. Boise was an interesting place to live.. Its a growing town, best place to buy if your planning on owning a home would be the Nampa, Merdian, Caldwell area.. Can get allot of bang for your buck.. The nightlife is alright, you will have fun, but when college lets out for the summer it dies down a bit, because BSU is right in downtown.. Things are spread out quite a bit, they havent quite figured out the land management/ urban development thing yet, they are already starting to cram shit into downtown for no bloody reason, and then start whole new developments quite a ways away.. Couldn't figure out that approach.. Summer's get toasty, but once you get out of the valley, and run up towards Stanley, Lowman, and area's like that, its friggin beautiful.. I am going back soon with my bike to go do some of those roads.. It has its ups and downs, if your moving with Kids, and looking to raise them in a relatively calm enviroment.. It would be a great place.. But be prepared for zero cultural diversity. Mostly white people, with the influx of migrant workers during the potato, beet season.. AND WATCH OUT FOR THE BEET TRUCKS ON THE HIGHWAY!!!!! Ohh the one thing that got me the worste for some reason was the Inversion that sets in in the Treasure Valley (Valley that Boise, Nampa, Merdian, Caldwell resides in) Two thanks givings ago, it stayed put for almost two weeks, think of increadibly thick fog all the way down to the surface street that doesnt leave day or night, keeps the sun out.... Really fucked with my head. More so then NW Rain and Clouds.
  10. *insert sound of banjo music*

    They never solve any crimes out there...everyone has the same DNA and they don't have any dental records 'cause they all share the same tooth...
  11. ^^crackup:crackup:crackup:crackup: Hey I said realistate was cheap... I didn't say why..
  12. Been der in dem parts.

    It's a good'n place to live I reckon.

    Be sure to go to Boise Towne Sq. Mall. Park your bike out front like eeeeverrrrryone else does. :rolleyes:

    Oh, and Bogies is the happenin' place of all places. :roll:
  13. I'm making a list so next time I go to visit my friend down there I know how to be a poser...and I'll do it with a cruiser just to piss 'em off! Yeah. I'm a dick. Feels good too. :)
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