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Boomers Bike Night THIS WED 10/10!

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by Thumperpilot, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. I'm thinking someone should post a bike night before this weather leaves us!:mfclap:

    (and since it looks to be cooling towards the weekend, LETS MEET WEDNESDAY 6pm)!!!


    Last edited: Oct 8, 2012
  2. Should be able to make it.

  3. I like this idea. I haven't even been around lately but I can make it to this!
  4. Sure would like to make it but Can't, have fun. I have my Hemp shirt on. Everyone needs one.
  5. Bring your hemp shirt and ride! :roll:

    Highs of mid 60's and sun still on the forecast... It's a little dark for a ride after though.
  6. If I could, I have to bring our Son home from the hostpital today so with that and weather change coming I think she's done for the most part. Tanks are full, bikes are clean and I guess I'll cover em up :fallinga:

    Have fun, I'll see ya around.
  7. Sorry I didn't make it.I had a last load of old concrete to take to the pit and ran out of daylight:angry7:. Hope ya had a good time!
  8. totally spaced out. woops. hope it was good
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