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Bought another bike today

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by musicman, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Came home with this thing today, was one of those "love at first sight" deals. High miles, just over 40k, some of you might have seen it listed on CL. It's missing the chin spoiler, but there's repro's out there, has LED turn signals (tiny and bright!), otherwise bone stock. Have a lot of service records for it, well taken care of, decent tires, rebuilt carbs, good brakes, etc.

    It's CLEAN, the paint shines like it's new, just a couple small scratches from a drop in a parking lot years ago. First thing I'm going to do is get a Corbin seat for it, might order that tonight (the original is too soft and I was in pain after a 1hr ride, haha). The grips seem original so those are going to go, other than that I'm going to leave it alone. Have plans to do some really long rides next summer, so at some point it'll get saddle bags too.

    Just love the bike though, it's everything I wanted and more. It's got some oomph too, let that tach climb and she makes ya smile!

  2. Thats the 85 model, I had the 84 model. I loved that bike. Yes its a slow rever, but that engine produces. Its a Yamaha so you have to watch out for second gear concerns but it is long and fast. With the right rider it can keep the modern sport bike crowd honest. I loved mine. So much so I was part of the letter writing campaign to bring the FJR stateside, though I have yet to be able to afford one.
    Enjoy, its pound for pound one of the great bikes of he 80's and a relevant and fun bike I happen to love.


  3. Oh shit you will be Greg's (feralrdr) twin.

    Look him up he has done some good mod's to his and is the original owner, he knows tons about them.
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  4. I've read about the 2nd gear issue, this one isn't suffering from that yet, though I see RPM sells a kit to fix it once and for all. Gotta tear the trans apart though, not sure I'm too stoked about that!

    I'll have to send that guy a message sometime, nice to know there's more of these thing's around!

    Just ordered new grips and a Corbin seat (all black with carbon fiber red welts). Now I'm REALLY out of money, need to let the cards cool down, haha
  5. good bike, many of my friends are trying hard to get this Yamaha FJ1100. but sorry to ask but even i also heard the problem of this bike with the 2nd gear.
  6. 58

    58 Staff Member

    Looks dead on the same bike as the kid at work has down to the color. That one looks much better taken care of though.
  7. Beautiful FJ. Congratulations.

    Sounds like you already found RPM. Randy is a great asset to the FJ community so if you really need any technical information send him an email, he typically responds back very quickly. Also, if you haven't already, you might want to consider joining the FJOwners Forum. They too are a great source of information and resources, and will definitely give you a good idea of recommended upgrades and/or mods.

    Personally, I wouldn't worry about the second gear issue until it does become a problem for you. I've got about 75,000 on my FJ1200, and it hasn't been a problem for me (yet). Also, purchasing the Corbin saddle was the best upgrade for me, and I hope it also works out well for you. In my case, I was getting lower back pain after about an hour and a half of riding. Swapped out the factory seat with the Corbin, and VOILA! problem solved.

    Enjoy the bike.
  8. nice, congrats.:mfclap:
  9. Curious about the clutch, are you running the stock setup still? My bike seems to shift clumsy (for lack of intelligent words, haha). I've never owned a bike with a hydraulic clutch before, if it were cable I would take it as needing to adjust the clutch, so I take it I need to bleed it. I've also read the stock clutch spring is junk, hence why I'm curious what you have. And yeah, found RPM (ordered grips there, want a set of the vibronators too), lots of goodies! Found them through the FJ Owners forum I joined.

    I'm probably going to leave it relatively stock, say for possibly brake and suspension upgrades, I like the quiet stock exhaust too. Probably going to get a new chin spoiler from Airtech at some point too, mine is gone.

    Overall I love the bike! Handles great, plenty of power for me, and looking forward to some long trips this summer 8)
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