Box Van/Camper setup to haul motorcycles

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by geddyt, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Quick backstory: I originally posted this on the WMRRA Forums, but responses have dried up a little bit and I'm still trying to sell it to someone who will use it to haul motorcycles before giving it up and relegating it to craigslist where somebody will almost certainly buy it and use it to haul fertilizer or something. So this is the fourth motorcycle forum I've put this up on today and I apologize if you've seen it already.

    Okay, now to the good stuff:

    I'm in Bellingham, WA and looking to part ways with my race bike hauler as I'm taking an extended break from track riding and hate to see it go to waste. It's a 1992 GMC Hi-Cube van with a 14' box that was completely setup to haul race bikes by the previous owner. Engine, transmission, and rear end are all fairly new and in great shape and brakes are brand new. Recent tune-up and oil change, too. Comes with a ton of extras including an extra wide folding Black Widow ramp, shelves, cupboards, folding work table, etc. Trust me, it's pretty cool.

    For a full description, please see the post on the WMRRA Forum here (no login required).

    For pictures and descriptions see the web page I threw together for it here.

    Thanks for looking. Oh yeah, I'm trying to get $6000 for it.
  2. Nice. Don't have a spare $6k or a need for it though. Bump for someone that does!
  3. Nice setup!
  4. Is that about the same size as your rental cave?
  5. i wish ... need a track bike first

    bump for a cool toy hauler
  6. Thanks for the bumps, guys. Appreciate it.
  7. Mad Dog

    Hello, that looks like the perfect setup. I was just wondering if you still have it. If you do, can you send for pictures of the interior? Thanks, Mad Dog. 8)
  8. Sorry guys, I'm not on here often. I'll take more pictures of the interior and post them up. Yeah, I still have the van. Bought a house recently and turns out it came in pretty handy for moving!...
  9. This looks like a very fair deal at $6k.

    Incidentally, why would it matter to you what type of use the new owner subjects the vehicle to? As long as they are putting it to good use earning a living or playing with their toys, who cares?
  10. looks sweet -- wish I had extra 6k -- would work well for in town tows.
  11. I don't care that THAT much. Way back when I first put it up for sale, a couple in BC wanted to buy it to do a cross country move. That was fine by me. I'm just trying to say that it's set up so well for specifically moving motorcycles that that's who would get the most value out of it. But, as I've found after a recent move and 20 trips to the hardware store with it, it works fine for many other things and I would wish the buyer good luck with whatever they want to do with it. Actually, this renewed interest has really caught me by surprise. As you can see I originally put it on sale many months ago. There was a bit of initial interest, but then the price of gas got even higher and interest kind of dried up. I kind of forgot about selling it because I didn't think there would be a buyer and because I've been getting so much use out of it around the new place (never buy an old house...). But I guess it's still for sale if someone has a need for it.

    Oh and, incidentally, the new price is $5500 OBO because I think one of the tires may need replaced.

    Here are the pictures of the interior that were requested:
    Here's the privacy screen partly pulled down so you can see where it is and how it works:
    New speakers in the doors that sound good (stereo up front is brand new, too):
    Back seat up:
    And back seat folded down into bed:
    Here's the door between cab and box closed:
    And here's the door opened. You can also see up top the interior light (three settings), a speaker, and a hanger pole for hanging your leathers or whatnot. Also notice the LB wheel chock box under the seat? That's never been opened and it'll go to the buyer to allow for hauling 3 bikes:
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