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Brainless rider south of ft lewis

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by quik99, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. I hope to god the genius that I saw this afternoon around 4:50 just south of ft Lewis in Nisqually valley wasn’t any of you guys. Traffic was going at about 55ish and a bike comes by splitting lanes in the rain and weaving in and out of cars. Splits..pulls in front of someone splits rinse repeat ..from right lane to left lane etc..then he splits and does a 3 lane change to the left to right to get off at the Nisqually valley exit. Was red and black bike pretty sure a gixxer, was a solider with camo on and his neon sash so he can get on the post.

    At times I wish we could split, but at 50+ in the rain and doing it recklessly weaving in and out is just fucking crazy.:scratchea
  2. Another Darwin award winner :roll:

  3. Cropduster

    Cropduster jimd2p aka Dweezlebutt


    Did you see all the LEO along there today? Saw probably 30 WSP at the weight station pounding on truckers (a whole other problem I see. half of the drivers going bankrupt, so let's really crack down on them when they can't even make enough to survive.). I also saw old Ponch and John along there too.
  4. Oly ZX

    Oly ZX Daytime Adventure Seeker

    All I can say is it wasn;t me :mrgreen:

    I was pulling weeds in the front yard while it was raining.:secret:

  5. Some people have all the fun crackup:
  6. Oly ZX

    Oly ZX Daytime Adventure Seeker

    Spring time is here. Gotta squeeze in yard work between Family and ridin'. Mowed the front too.:mrgreen:
  7. Oly ZX

    Oly ZX Daytime Adventure Seeker

    ^^ Someone you know stopped by to say Hey today while I was out getting dirty.
  8. Its something the State Patrol does every season they are training the newcomers.
  9. People like that are the reason we are looked upon as we are. No one remembers the rider they passed going the speed limit.
  10. On a nice day its not uncommon to see a guy on a sport bike hauling ass crazy like down the highway by all the ft lewis exit areas...
  11. I know its common, and when their a huge backup and I’m sitting their sweating my ass off stopped I’m tempted to split ie:cars doing 0-5 u do 10-15 (haven’t yet) but this guys splitting if you can call it that at 50+ in the rain is just recklessly nutz and gives us all a bad name. Normally let darwin sort it out but at those speeds when he goes down cars are gonna lock em up and cause a huge pile up. No point in getting worked up cuz its just gonna happen more and more as the weather gets better, just thought I would share about the crackhead I saw today:mrgreen:
  12. The days and times that this riding happens, i hope the cager does EXACTLY what all the big mouthed bikers on here say they would do. I hope the cager follows the biker, and kicks his bike over, breaks a mirror and givers him an ass whipping. Of course, most here will just call him a squid and not think about it. But holly hell if its turned around..:tard:
  13. tokin

    tokin Hello Kitty Fan

  14. Dont like the truth??
    I'm not pretending to be in some special ed club looking for acceptance :roll:
    Bikers die from this board every year, people here complain about getting cut off, or even stuff thrown at them. Yet its just normal riding when they do it to others. So many on here rather blow smoke up each others asses than to help prevent such behavior. But thats ok, go ahead and keep talking about how your running from the cops, how you wheeled down 405, how you did 60mph in a 35.. Somebody will be impressed i guess.
    Id rather sit here complaining about stupid politics, than to see posts about local dead riders. But the fact is, a couple from this board wont be here by fall.
  15. tokin

    tokin Hello Kitty Fan

    We all thank you for the tremendous sacrifice you've made giving us this life saving post.
  16. I don't even know what to say..crackup:
  17. I ride that same route and at the same times on my commute. I have seen that same guy in my car and on my bike. Everytime, he is just flying and I bet he is the reason that LEO is cracking down on this route. I got pulled over last week on my bike, just traveling my normal pace to work, in the middle of a line of about 15 cars, traveling 70. The lead car sees him every one slowes to 64ish, he jumps on the freeway with lights blazing. Pulls in behind me and pulles me over and tickets me for 70 in a 60.

    Then 2 days ago, I get pulled in the same spot in my 1986 subaru wagon, for "modified exhaust" WTF. My car isnt even loud? (last I knew it had to be over 95 decible's to be illegal, but now its soo broad, that its totally officers discretion; RCW 46.37.390) And its been the exact same for years now. He just got on the freeway and pulled me from the 3rd lane over for this? Now I know that the first one was the obviously for an endorsment check and the seccond was for an insurance check but WTF man, and oh yes, I got tickets both times, But thats why Tim Coogan is my friend...8) Its because of guys like this that cause more patrol....... :rant
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