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Brand New Q2's at the track, anyone have experience with traction out of the box?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Bellevuef4i, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Just ordered some Q2's and will bring them to the track in case i need them. Was looking for anyone who has experience with scrub in on these. How many laps before these guys are good to go? Any other tips?

    Also I know some tire manufacturers don't use mold release agents anymore, but don't tell me that new tires are just as grippy. I know for a fact that my pilot 2ct's were slippery as shit when i first put them on.
  2. i switched to Q2s two trackdays ago. went out in the morning session with 0 miles on 'em and after 1 lap, was more confident than i've ever been with any other tire. after two warm up laps, i was loving it. honestly, after those warm up laps, i felt ready to go. no drama from the tires whatsoever -- they were super grippy and gave great feedback.

    biggest thing is to run proper air pressures (ask dunlop guy at the track for recommendation) and listen to what the tires are telling you during your first laps.


  3. Just warm them up properly and don't under-inflate them... in other words, don't run GP211-type pressures. Talk to the local Dunlop rep for input. I run them at ~35psi cold on the street regardless of pace, and have never had any trouble. I think for track use, I'd be shooting for 32-34psi hot.
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  4. New tires are just as grippy.

    Like ChrisMag stated, the most important thing here is getting the tire up to temp and setting pressures. I've been told to run the q2's at 32f 32r cold at the track. When I do run those tires at those pressures.....i often have a hard time beleiving they're street tires. Great tires.

    If it helps, I often set out for a race on brand new tires with stickers on them. The importance is tire temp and pressure. Everything else about scrubbing a tire in is a myth.
  5. recently switched to the Q2s & love em! 5 min warmup is all it needed...

    track pressure at 32f 32r cold? I was told and ran 28r 30f cold (190/55 & 120/70)... :scratchea:scratchea

  6. That is the pressure I was told to run, those are the pressures I run. Not sure what is so scratch heading about that.
  7. Told by who? I got my info from the KFG guys....
  8. So you went to the Pirelli dealer instead of the Dunlop dealer for Q2 pressures? Yea....I can see where that makes sense.:scratchea
  9. The Dunlop guys.
    I'm a big dude. So is the dude that normally rides the bike that has teh q2's on them.

    I tend to run my pressures a little higher than most.

    I don't discredit anything KFG says. I'd stick to their recomended pressures, if I was you.
    I'll stick to the pressures that work for me.
  10. Don't they sell other brand tires too? Sullivan tech guy told me to go there & ask them... Whatever, they worked fine...

  11. :thumbup: I'm a lightweight, so that makes sense. Thanks!
  12. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    My track day partner ran the Q2s straight onto the track on his Ninja 650 and siad they stuck like glue immediately. He also ran the 32/34 psi (light guy)And uh, He bought them from Barry. When did he become a Pirelli dealer?
  13. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member

    Man...I was told 30 front and rear cold...oh the confusion. :mrgreen:

    These are some great tires, ran them on my ZX10 and it felt like if I was really belligerent with the throttle only then they'd let go, but running them on my ZX6 I feel like I can definitely be more aggressive with the throttle with no ill effect.
  14. valleybusa

    valleybusa Speakerphone Bandit

    barry became the pirelli dealer at the end of last race season.he no longer handles dunlops but I'm sure he still remembers pressures.not sure why barry would have dunlops,unless they were take offs
  15. They sell Pirelli race tires but they can sell all other makes of street tires. They usually have some Q2's in stock as well
  16. q2's are great...

    on my SV I like 30 front and 27 rear.
    (cold tire pressure, check it in the morning before you ride, then don't touch it the rest of the day).

    if I were on a 600 or bigger i would bump the rear up to 28 or 29 possibly.
  17. also.. using tire warmers on them is complete waste of time, money and hassles..

    they will be good to go by turn 4 if you acclerrate and brake hard on the straights..
  18. I haven't run Q2s but I ran the original qualifiers right out of the box at a track day.....absolutely awesome. I LOVE riding on new tires.
  19. race tech guy told me specifically that the rear needs to be 2# lighter than the front & without me telling him that the KFG guy told me right off the bat 28r 30f cold...
  20. I've run 2 sets of brand new Q2's out of the box on the track. They start sticking quickly. I gave them 3 laps before dragging knee as a precaution. Also, depending on the pace you run, I recommend keeping pace at 8/10 or so for the first couple of sessions. I noticed that I really needed to get a good heat cycle in them before they were at max stick levels. (generally a good practice anyhow this time of the year since the track surface doesn't warm up until late morning/noonish).

    Oh, also for pressure I've found 30F/28R to work best.
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