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Discussion in 'New Users' started by nathan9493, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Hey, Just wanted to check in from PO. I'm the new guy. I got my endorsement and am Jonesing for a bike in a bad way. I work with a bunch of riders. They got me hooked.

    I'm really wanting to do some ADV riding. We live in the perfect area. My wife was against the whole idea in the beginning. She worries about me getting hurt. Shes a nurse and like to call riders "organ donors". I think her view has softened quite a bit. I hope to get her to ride with me some day.:mrgreen:

    Anyways...happy to meet your acquaintance.
  2. Hooray for new kitsap riders!
  3. welcome both of you. you'll both love kitsap. and then once your done playing there you can go bug the tacoma guys or olympians...then back to kitsap for a good romping session.
  4. PeteN95

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    Muk, WA
    Welcome, what kind of bikes are you looking at?
  5. Apex

    Lacey, WA
    Welcome. ADVing is sweet stuff, especially around here. What kind of bike do you have/want?

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