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buying my first bike help

Discussion in 'Central' started by DUCKIE78, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. already purchased! Thanks for info
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  2. Supermoto and inexpensive insurance :mrgreen:

  3. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    And your posting here?:mfclap: Wait for it!
  4. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Great idea! How tall is the OP? DR-Z400SM
  5. I need to learn the acronyms but if OP is me then I'm 5'11''
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    james1300 Track School Dazed

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  7. +1 for getting a DR-Z 400SM if you can. However, it'll take everything you've got to not become the biggest hooligan on your block.
  8. Need more deets, OP. What the heck is a transition bike?

    If you're buying a first bike, make it a cheap one.
  9. Well here's a question: What kind of bike do you want? There is no end all to be all but what do you see yourself riding 5 years from now. If you get a dual sport and eventually want to ride a sport bike you're going to get used to higher handlebars, taller profile and a completely different powerband then you will eventually be using.
  10. At my age I see myself more of a highway/street maybe a cruiser style with flair
  11. Def agree with Apex. Start with a cheaper bike! I started with an older cruiser and graduated my way up to my street fighter. Best decision I ever made...only dropped the bike once or twice but wouldnt wanna drop a bigger nicer machine :)
  12. Agree, sounds like a naked bike or streetfighter is in the works or as many others said a dual sport. I'll post up a list that I think you might like but the guys on here already got you pointed in the right direction.
  13. It might help to know what kind of bikes you are looking at.

    If we are talking an old bike with bias ply tires vs a newer bike with radials I'd go with the new bike. My bias ply bikes tend to follow groves in the pavement. Especially heading down 395 to the blue bridge and that kinda freaked me out a bit as a new rider.

    I'm much more confident with how my Ninja handles.
  14. Go to one of the Kennewick riders' coffees (Friday night; Sunday AM), talk
    and ask permission to straddle a few bikes.

    As far as a style of bike, cruiser vs standard vs dual purpose vs ...
    you might also visualize what type of fellow riders you're likely to ride with -
  15. I'm more of a sport rider myself but these are my ideas if you decide to go that route:

    Ducati Monster:
    -The new monster 696 has a base sticker price of $8795 brand new. Look for one used, they will be cheap, more comfortable than a superbike but plenty sporty.
    Kawasaki Ninja 650:
    -Again a cheap efficient starter bike that you won't get bored of too quick. More comfortable ergos than a superbike and brand new go for $7,499.
    Suzuki V-Strom 650:
    -This is probably the most comfortable and versatile of the bikes listed, brand new for $8299.
    Yamaha FZ6R:
    -Adjustable seat height and handlebar position, brand new $7,590.

    These are just my thoughts for an in-between starter bike that you won't get tired of too quick. If you can find something similar used you could grab it for $4,000-$5,000 in good condition. Perhaps others on here can direct you towards some good dual sport or cruiser styles.
  16. OP, a good strategy for the first year or two is to try an older/cheaper model of the class of bike you think you're trying to get into. For example, if you're thinking VFR 1200, perhaps try a ZZR600 to see if you like the sport touring position. If you're thinking, BMW GS, try an old KLR to see if ADV is your thing. And so on. Your preferences are going to be changing within the first several months anyway.

    A good bike is not always expensive. I got my bike, along with a lifetime supply of parts, for $550, and it's one of the baddest UJMs out there. Shop around.
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  17. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    What two bikes are we comparing here??
  18. Get yourself a nice cheap Sportster, Nighthawk, etc. Ride it for half a season and then decide what you like.

    Take the motorcycle safety class!!!
  19. +1

    This will not only keep you safer out there but FACTS provides motorcycles for their basic and intermediate courses which could give you an even better idea of what you want.
  20. I just wanted to take a moment and thank the folks that responded

    I did take the safety course up in Spokane las month at Northwest Motorsports.....and I agree it was worth every penny

    I did find a fairly inexpensive cruiser looks really nice and well taken care of....maybe after a year or so I'll upgrade to one of the delux models..but for now this one will do

    I will be posting some picks later
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